04 October, 2022
14 May, 2023
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Competition format

The BCL Board has approved the same competition format for the 2022-23 Season. This format was therefore implemented for the 7th season, which got underway in October 2022. This format creates games of competitive intensity as the result of each game truly matters. This format will also maximise the commercial appeal of the BCL, and will further develop the collaboration with the European leagues, by promoting and protecting the national competitions to an even greater extent.

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Event Timeline

  • 21 Sep 22 Qualification Rounds Start
  • 3 Oct 22 Regular Season Start
  • 3 Jan 23 Play-Ins Start
  • 24 Jan 23 Round of 16 Start
  • 24 Mar 23 Quarter-Finals Draw
  • 4 Apr 23 Quarter-Finals Start
  • 25 Apr 23 Final Four Draw
  • 12 May 23 Final Four


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Join hosts Anna Andre, Igor Curkovic and Anthony Goods as they look back at the latest games, present a wealth of different subjects related to the competition and welcome great guests.

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