17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024
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Watch now: Unicaja go from -5 to +4 in final 100 seconds

MIES (Switzerland) - A memorable clutch finish saw Unicaja defeat Tofas Bursa on the road on Wednesday and win Round of 16 Group I with a game in hand.

The Spanish juggernauts secured home court advantage in the Quarter-Finals with their late-game heroics in Turkiye.

Tofas spent 33 minutes in front of Unicaja and probably thought they had done enough to clinch the win when Cassius Winston put them up by 5 with just two minutes left to play. However, Kameron Taylor had other ideas.

Taylor's final 100 seconds included a 4-point play, a two-pointer for the lead and a couple of steals.

All of that set the stage for Tyson Carter to hit the dagger three-pointer and put the game to bed, as Unicaja completed a 9-0 run across the final 1:40 of the game to secure an 80-76 road win.

Taylor and Carter combined for 19 points in the game, but with 9 of those coming in crucial stages, they pushed Unicaja to 5-0, top of the group, and through to the Quarter-Finals draw as a seeded team.