17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024

BCL Fantasy Guide

What is BCL Fantasy?

BCL Fantasy is the new, official Fantasy game of the Basketball Champions League, provided by Scorestars.

It’s free to play, and anyone can play online. How to do it? Well, we have a guide for you!

If you consider yourself a BCL Fantasy GM or coach, then this is the guide you need: from helpful resources for those who've never played a fantasy game before, to advanced strategies and tricks for the most experienced fantasy players.

How to play BCL Fantasy?

BCL Fantasy can be played in multiple game modes:

- Free-to-play weekly and monthly game mode: No purchase is required to participate, and paying users won't have any substantial advantages. This game mode will reward users with new cards in each game week. To compete and to be eligible for rewards, you simply need to register one team for the upcoming game week.
- Competitions: This is a game mode where players can register a team that meets an array of restrictions per competition, in order to compete for leaderboard rewards every game week. Each competition is split into multiple divisions, with the higher divisions offering bigger rewards, but requiring higher rarity cards to enter.

1. Create a BCL Fantasy team

Your first mission as a new manager will be to draft your first cards. Then head to the competition hub/lobby and choose a competition to compete.

Each user can field one lineup per competition, per gameday. The participants can only use cards from their own collection.

Participants can mix-and-match players from different teams or go with a lineup of their favorite team. You can create your lineup up to seven days in advance.

2. Can I challenge my friends?

Of course, you can create or join Private Leagues (accessible only by invitation code).

3. How is scoring calculated?

When the game starts, your BCL Fantasy team will get a score based on the stat lines your players registered in the real-life BCL games (their efficiency rating). Using this score, you will challenge other participants in the game.

Player card tier multipliers add a strategic element based on rarity/scarcity:
• Common: 0%
• Rare: +5%
• Legendary: +13%
• Ultimate: +24%
• Hall Of Fame: +38%

4. Bench

The players you leave on the bench contribute only 50 percent of their efficiency score at the end of the Round.

5. Progress

When the game week is in progress, the Competition hub shows each team you have registered. There you can see your current position and tap leaderboard to see other users' positions.

6. Prizes

Check out the list of BCL Fantasy prizes here.

Start playing now!