17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024

Media Centre

This Media Centre provides easy and quick access to information and resources on the Basketball Champions League (BCL) activities essential to the work of members of the media. Whether you are a print journalist, a broadcaster, a photographer, a blogger or a publisher of news on the web, you will find what you are looking for here.

Through the BCL Media Portal, professional media representatives can request accreditations for upcoming BCL games and access media-related information on the BCL.

All downloadable BCL material for media, including BCL official documents, photos and graphics, as well as videos – will be made available from this section.

Accreditations to games up to the Final Four

Basketball Champions League does not provide accreditations to Regular Season,, Play-Ins, Round of 18 or Quarter-Finals games. Should you wish to be accredited, please contact the home club directly. We can provide you with the contacts if needed (contact us at communications@championsleague.basketball).

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us at communications@championsleague.basketball.


Basketball Champions League grants access to a number of photos from the competition and various other relevant image resources for media on championsleague.basketball.

These images are high resolution and downloadable (by right click and save) directly from the website. They are made available for editorial use only. Please credit all photographs “Basketball Champions League”.

Should you need a specific photo or tailor-made graphic, please contact us at communications@championsleague.basketball.


Basketball Champions League's official Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/BasketballCL) is regularly updated with videos of the best on-court action from the Basketball Champions League competition. All the videos can be used via the embed option and integrated on other web pages.

Embedding of videos (YouTube/SocialMedia) on blog or website is permitted. Scraping video from championsleague.basketball is not permitted.

Usage of video content on social media must include credit to @BasketballCL or ChampionsLeague.basketball

Live Scores

You can embed the Basketball Champions League 2022-23 Live Scores carousel onto your website. Please follow the instructions here.


Click here to download the BCL official logos and here to download the pdf guide explain how to use the BCL logos. 


For media related questions contact:

Basketball Champions League Communications Department
Route Suisse, 5
P.O. Box 29
1295 Mies

Tel: (+41-22) 545 00 91 
Fax: (+41-22) 545 00 99
E-mail:  communications@championsleague.basketball