17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024
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BCL launches next-generation fantasy game in partnership with Scorestars.io

MIES (Switzerland) - The Basketball Champions League and Scorestars.io jointly announced on Monday the launch of BCL Fantasy, a next-generation fantasy game open to fans around Europe, to coincide with the start of the 2023-24 BCL Regular Season.

The next-generation nature of BCL Fantasy consists of introducing users to an entire immersive digital ecosystem, right from the moment they join: The platform seamlessly merges the excitement of fantasy sports with the allure of collecting and trading collectible cards - and adds the motivation of competing for prizes!

"The Basketball Champions League has instinctively been at the forefront of digital innovation ever since its inception in 2016, because we consider it a core tool for our mission statement," commented BCL CEO Patrick Comninos.

"To put it simply, you cannot aspire to help shape the European basketball landscape, the way the BCL has done in these past seven years, unless you are willing to push the envelope on the digital front.

"We have done that every step of the way and, as we enter the eighth season of the competition, we see the launch of BCL Fantasy as the entry point to an interactive and engaging experience that bridges the gap between players and fans.

"Our fruitful collaboration with Scorestars.io is one more strategic move that we hope will help redefine how European basketball fans, especially the younger ones, follow and engage with their favorite sport," Mr. Comninos added.

"At Scorestars.io, we are committed to offer the best digital fan experience through innovative technology," commented Marek Kesküll, CEO of the leading innovator in sports fan-engagement platforms.

"Partnering up with the BCL, a prestigious organisation in international sports, presents a thrilling opportunity to introduce our fantasy platform to a passionate fan base.

"The Scorestars.io platform will offer an all-in-all experience, including live statistics, interactive leaderboards, engaging challenges and much more that gives the extra dimension to the basketball community." Mr. Kesküll added.

BCL Fantasy users will have the opportunity to create and manage their own virtual dream team, go up against their friends or fans from other countries, and take part in various competitions throughout the season, each with its own prize pool.

Right from its first iteration, BCL Fantasy will enable users to monitor real-time player performances and trade players on the marketplace. Thanks to the digital cards facet of the platform, users will also be stakeholders, owning a part of BCL Fantasy as they play the game and trade players.

Fans who want to be the first to sign up for BCL Fantasy can join the waiting list here.


About Basketball Champions League
The Basketball Champions League is an innovative joint partnership between FIBAClubCo and 11 top European leagues. It is a fair competition based on sporting principles with teams qualifying through national leagues.  For further information about the Basketball Champions League, visit championsleague.basketball or follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, or LinkedIn.

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Scorestars.io is a pioneering platform that combines fantasy sports and digital collectibles to create immersive fan experiences. With a commitment to innovation, Scorestars.io aims to redefine the way sports enthusiasts engage with their favorite teams and players through interactive technology.