05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Wednesday Round of 16 games preview

MIES (Switzerland) - Round of 16 group play continues Wednesday February 2 with four more games from three different groups, including a matchup between teams in Group L that have started off at 1-0.

Here's a look at the four games on Wednesday:

Game 1: Tofas Bursa (1-0) vs. BAXI Manresa (0-0) - Group J

Where: Bursa, Turkey

When: 20:00 CET


Points per game: Pako Cruz 16.1
Rebounds per game: Jeremy Simmons 5.2
Assists per game: Berk Ugurlu 4.7
Steals per game: Berk Ugurlu, Jeremy Simmons 1.3
Blocks per game: Elgin Cook 0.6

PPG 82.0 (7), RPG 32.1 (28), APG 18.6 (13)

  • Tofas have the lowest average of defensive rebounds per game (21.9).
  • Tofas have won their last two home games in the BCL but have never had a longer winning streak at home in the competition.
  • Berk Ugurlu needs 17 more points to become the second Turkish player with 300+ points scored in the BCL (currently at 283, Muhammed Baygül 418); he has made 129 assists in the competition, more than any other player from Turkey.

Points per game: Joe Thomasson 13.2
Rebounds per game: Ismael Bako 6.8
Assists per game: Dani Perez 4.0
Steals per game: Sylvain Francisco 1.2
Blocks per game: Elias Valtonen 0.8

PPG 81.2 (8), RPG 39.3 (3), APG 20.0 (4)
  • Manresa won five of their six games in the regular season this season in the BCL, but lost the last one, at home against Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem (85-90); they have scored more than 80 points in each of their last three games, their best such run in the competition.
  • Manresa's bench unit scored an average of 42 points per game this season in the BCL regular season, more than any other team; their bench players scored 50+ points in each of their last two home games in the competition.
  • Among the 16 teams still competing in the BCL this season, Manresa have grabbed the most defensive rebounds per game (28.2).
  • Sylvain Francisco is Manresa's best pointscorer (73) and is also the only player on his team with 10+ three-pointers made this season in the BCL (12), despite having started all his six games on the bench.

Game 2: Rytas Vilnius (0-1) vs. Falco Szombathely (0-1) - Group L

Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

When: 19:30 CET


Points per game: Ivan Buva 16.7
Rebounds per game: Gytis Radzevicius 7.6
Assists per game: Speedy Smith 5.0
Steals per game: Arnas Butkevicius 1.9
Blocks per game: Maurice Ndour 1.3

PPG 78.0 (16), RPG 35.4 (14), APG 17.1 (19)


  • Rytas have lost their most recent game in the BCL (71-76 vs. SIG Strasbourg) but are yet to lose consecutive matches in the league in 2021-22.
  • Speedy Smith has scored 10+ points in each of his last two BCL games, a first time for him in the competition; he has scored a total of seven three-pointers in those two games, one more than in his previous five appearances with Rytas in the competition.
  • Rytas have conceded the most points in the paint per game this season (39.4).

Points per game: Zoltan Perl 15.7
Rebounds per game: Akos Keller 8.0
Assists per game: Benedek Varadi 7.0
Steals per game: Szilard Benke 2.0
Blocks per game: Gyorgy Goloman 1.0

PPG 76.3 (24), RPG 38.9 (4), APG 19.3 (8)


  • Szombathely lost their last BCL game, 73-79 against Lenovo Tenerife, but have not lost consecutive games in the competition since December 2020; they are the only team this season to have seen all their games ending with a single-digit margin.
  • Szombathely have scored an average of 39.4 points per game in the paint this season in the BCL, more than any other team; among the 16 teams still competing in the BCL this season.
  • Boris Barac has scored 10+ points in seven of his nine BCL games with Szombathely after registering double figures in scoring in only three of his previous 11 games in the competition, with ERA Nymburk; Barac and Zoltan Perl are the only two Szombathely players with 90+ points this season in the BCL, despite starting all their games on the bench (Perl 94, Barac 91).

Game 3: SIG Strasbourg (1-0) vs. Lenovo Tenerife (1-0) - Group L

Where: Strasbourg, France

When: 20:00 CET

This will be the fourth game between Strasbourg and Tenerife in the BCL, as the French club have won two of the previous three matchups but have lost the only game played on their home court (72-75 in January 2017).


Points per game: John Roberson 17.4
Rebounds per game: Ike Udanoh 5.6
Assists per game: John Roberson 4.4
Steals per game: DeAndre Lansdowne, John Roberson, Yannis Morin 1.1
Blocks per game: Matt Mitchell 0.4

PPG 83.6 (5), RPG 34.1 (20), APG 17.7 (16)


  • Strasbourg have won their last three games in the BCL, a win here will see them matching their longest winning streak in the competition; they have scored 90+ points in five different home games since the start of 2021, tied for the most in the league alongside ERA Nymburk in that span.
  • John Roberson has scored 15+ points in each of his last five BCL games, but no player has managed to score as many points in more games in a row with Strasbourg in the competition (also Gabe York, five games in a row).

Points per game: Giorgi Shermadini 15.1
Rebounds per game: Giorgi Shermadini 7.6
Assists per game: Marcelinho Huertas 6.4
Steals per game: Aaron Doornekamp 1.3
Blocks per game: Giorgi Shermadini 0.9

PPG 78.5 (12), RPG 34.8 (16), APG 18.7 (12)


  • Tenerife have won their last two BCL games but haven’t had more wins in a row in 2021-22; they have lost their last six games in which they have conceded 80 or more points and have won the last 15 in which they have conceded fewer than that.
  • Sasu Salin has scored 10+ points in four BCL games this season, all while playing away from home; he is averaging 16.8 points per game away from home and only 4.8 points per game when playing in Tenerife this season.

Game 4: Unicaja (0-1) vs. Filou Oostende (0-0) - Group K

Where: Malaga, Spain

When: 20:30 CET


Points per game: Dario Brizuela 12.1
Rebounds per game: Michael Eric 6.1
Assists per game: Jaime Fernandez 5.0
Steals per game: Jaime Fernandez 1.6
Blocks per game: Micheal Eric 1.6

PPG 77.1 (21), RPG 33.3 (25), APG 19.1 (9)


  • Unicaja have lost their most recent two games in the BCL after winning four of their previous five games in the competition; Unicaja's defeats have come in the three games in which they have scored fewer than 75 points.
  • Unicaja have conceded on average fewer fast break points (5.0) and second-chance points (8.6) per game than any other team in the BCL this season.
  • Jaime Fernandez has scored 10+ points in each of his last three BCL games, after reaching that mark in only two of his previous 11 games in the competition; he has also made a total of 19 assists in his last three games, as many as in his previous 11 appearances combined.

Points per game: Levi Randolph 17.9
Rebounds per game: Amida Brimah 5.5
Assists per game: Dusan Djordjevic 4.4
Steals per game: Phil Booth 1.0
Blocks per game: Amida Brimah 2.8

PPG 84.0 (4), RPG 35.4 (13), APG 20.1 (3)


  • Oostende have scored 6 fast break points per game in their last three BCL games.
  • Oostende will become the fifth team to have played 75+ games in the BCL (Tenerife 97, AEK 93, Strasbourg 86, ERA Nymburk 82); this will be their sixth BCL trip to Spain, where they are yet to beat a local team.
  • Levi Randolph has scored 10+ points in nine games in the BCL this season, tied for the most alongside Jalen Adams; he is averaging 17.9 points per game this season, more than in any of his previous two BCL campaigns and on average 10 points more per game than in his last BCL season before 2021-22 (7.9 in 2017-18 with Banco di Sardegna Sassari and Strasbourg).