05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Wednesday Play-In games preview

MIES (Switzerland) - The second day of the Play-In round features another three games on the schedule on January 5 and there will be no shortage of excitement, as every game matters even more now for the best-of-three series.

Here's a look at the three games on Wednesday:

Game 1: F2 SIG Strasbourg (3-3) vs. E3 PAOK mateco (2-4)

Where: Strasbourg, France

When: 20:00

Strasbourg: PPG 81.8 (6), RPG 35.5 (17), APG 18.5 (12)


PAOK: PPG 73.7 (29), RPG 36.3 (12), APG 16.3 (24)

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  • Strasbourg have lost their last two home games in the BCL after winning five of the previous six; they have only lost one of their six home games played during play-in/play-off round.
  • Strasbourg will be the fifth different team from France that PAOK will face in the BCL (ASVEL, Elan Chalon, Nanterre & Dijon); they have lost each of their four previous trips to France in the competition.
  • PAOK have scored only 44.8% of their two-pointers in the BCL 2021-22, fewer than any other team; on the other hand, Strasbourg have allowed their opponents to make 59.7% of their two-pointers, only two teams have allowed a better 2P% from their opponents this season.
  • Strasbourg's John Roberson (20) is one of the two players, alongside Dee Bost (22), to have made 20+ three-pointers this season in the BCL and he is the only one to have made 30+ free-throws (31); only three players have scored more points than him during this season (107).
  • PAOK's Marvin Jones has already played four games against SIG Strasbourg in the BCL, losing each of those games (2 with Petrol Olimpija, 2 with Peristeri); however, he recorded a double-double the last time he faced Strasbourg in the competition (13 pts, 12 reb in December 2020).

Game 2: G2 Hapoel U-NET Holon (4-2) vs. H3 Besiktas Icrypex (3-3)

Where: Holon, Israel

When: 21:00

Holon: PPG 82.3 (4), RPG 34.8 (20), APG 19.7 (8)


Besiktas: PPG 78.5 (14), RPG 34.7 (21), APG 17.8 (15)

  • Holon have won their three home games this season in the BCL but have won four home games in a row only once before, it was in October-November 2018.
  • Besiktas have lost eight of their last 10 away games in the BCL; they are yet to win a play-in/play-off game in the competition.
  • Besiktas have made 23.7 two-pointers per game during the regular season, more than any other team in the BCL in 2021-22 and have also scored the most points in the paint per game (40.3).
  • Holon's Joe Ragland has 43 assists in the BCL this season, more than any other player; he has more than five assists in each of his last nine BCL games, only Omar Cook (10 games in a row) had a better such run in the competition.
  • Only Treviso's Aaron Jones (36) has grabbed more defensive rebounds than Besiktas' Dedric Lawson (35) in the BCL this season; he has grabbed 48 rebounds overall, sixth best.

Game 3: D2 Nutribullet Treviso (4-2) vs. C3 Lavrio Megabolt (3-3)

Game was postponed following the Return to Play Protocol established by the Basketball Champions League and is rescheduled for Wednesday January 12.

 Where: Treviso, Italy

When: 20:30

Treviso: PPG 80.5 (8), RPG 37.0 (9), APG 20.0 (4)

Lavrio: PPG 68.5 (32), RPG 32.3 (27), APG 12.2 (32)


  • Treviso have won four of their six BCL games, including each of their three home games in the competition.
  • Lavrio have lost their three away games in the BCL, each by a double-digit margin and by an average margin of 17 points.
  • Lavrio have enjoyed only 69.9 possessions per game in the BCL this season, fewer than any other team and are the only team to average fewer than 70 points scored per game (68.5).
  • Treviso's Aaron Jones has grabbed on average 9.0 rebounds per game in the BCL this season, more than any player with 3+ games played; he grabbed 17 rebounds in his last game in the competition against AEK, the most for a player in a BCL game in 2021.
  • Only three players have scored more points than Lavrio's Tyson Carter (107) in the BCL this season; he is averaging only 12.7 points per game when playing away from home while averaging 23 points per game when playing at home.