05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
1 Tyson Carter (LAVR)
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Tyson Carter's scoring tutorial: How to set a new BCL season-high in points

MIES (Switzerland) - Lavrio Megabolt have made news with their recruiting over the last couple of seasons. Tyson Carter is a perfect fit that way, a young athletic guard who can score in bunches, just like he did against Nizhny Novgorod last week.

Carter played exactly 33 minutes and 33 seconds, which is somewhat symbolic since previous season-highs were Sasu Salin's 33 for Lenovo Tenerife and Melo Trimble's 33 for Galatasaray Nef. Carter got two more than those two, finishing with 35 points to lead all single game scorers in the Basketball Champions League this season.

First lesson of his scoring tutorial? 35 is not enough.

"I left some points out there, I think I missed a layup and I missed a couple of free throws, so I probably could've gotten more," Carter told us in his video breakdown.

He was 13-of-20 from the field, including 5-of-8 from beyond the arc. The 23-year-old also dished out 6 assists, getting himself to second spot in the MVP Race in the process.

"When you're in a rhythm like that, and you get going, you get hot, and you make some shots, it almost feels like you're in a gym by yourself. Like you're in a workout and you're just shooting. That's kind of how it feels sometimes," Carter explained.

He was up to 14 points in the first quarter, had 21 at the half, but the Greek squad only managed to open up a five point lead after 20 minutes of work. Nizhny Novgorod are a team well known for their responsiveness after halftime team-talks, a team coached by Zoran Lukic, who tried throwing everything at Tyson - to no avail.

"It's like there's not much the defense can do at that point," Lavrio's sharp shooter smiled.

He did acknowledge Nizhny's improved defense in the second half. But the fact that they were meeting and trapping him far beyond the three-point line was just an invitation for the former Mississippi State Bulldog to do what he likes the most on the basketball court: drive.

Take notes, this lesson is important.

"After you start off making some shots, sometimes the defense has to change the way they guard you. They didn't want to give me any room, so it gave me a chance to use my quickness and get to the basket. I do have a pretty quick first step, I don't know if it's the quickest in the League, but... I really like getting to the basket. A lot of times, that's what I prefer to do," Carter shared a page from his own scouting report.

There are two things that catch innocent bystanders' eyes when they are watching Lavrio Megabolt play, and that's (1) a certain Ronaldinho vibe that Carter gives out with a gigantic smile when things are going his way, and (2) a strong chemistry between him, the scorer, and Vasilis Mouratos, the facilitator.

"I was smiling because I felt like it would be a good day," he explained the first part, and moved straight to the second:

"My point guard always looks at me, and he always wants to find ways to do some back cuts and things like that because he's always gonna make the pass right on time."

With Carter and Mouratos finding luck together, coach Christos Serelis can enjoy the view from the sidelines. Lavrio are 2-1 in a group with a juggernaut in Unicaja, with last season's Final 8 team in Nizhny Novgorod, with the French League runners up in JDA Dijon.

Feel good story out of Greece. And a lesson for everyone to keep watching Lavrio if they want to meet young, athletic scorers with 30+ points in their hands.