05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Echoes of the Final Four: "On a day like this, basketball won"

BILBAO (Spain) - The Final Four in Bilbao was the first one organized in a neutral venue in the history of the Basketball Champions League. It proved to be a success, with unique atmosphere throughout the whole last week.

Fans from Spain, Germany and Israel made their trip to the north of Spain, with official numbers saying Bilbao Arena saw more than eight thousand people in the Final. It was the third most watched Final in BCL history, placing behind Athens in 2018 (17,984) and Antwerp in 2019 (16,347).




Around the city, it felt like there were even more fans than in the arena, especially when it comes to Hapoel U-NET Holon and BAXI Manresa fans. They enjoyed the weekend in the Fan Zone in downtown Bilbao, played some basketball over there, got a chance to measure up to the Final Four players.




As Lenovo Tenerife picked up their second BCL title, there were wild celebrations inside the arena, fair play from the BAXI Manresa players, coaches and fans, and a wide array of congratulations coming from all over the world. Not just to Tenerife, but also to Manresa, for great sportsmanship of their team and their fans.

Coach Pedro Martinez however hoped he would be back in a title game against a team from any other country in Europe. His only continental cup came back in 1990 when he defeated Scavolini Pesaro with Joventut Badalona, and the three defeats in title games all came against Spanish clubs.















Overall, the sentence that basketball won over the weekend seems like the most accurate one. For us within the organization, Monday, May 9 marked the start of preparations for the 2022-23 season. The goal remains the same as ever, make it better than the last one.