05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Basketball Champions League to offer advanced stats through collaboration with Viziball

MIES (Switzerland) - The Basketball Champions League today announced a multi-year collaboration agreement with Viziball, a French startup launched in 2019 that is an expert in data analysis and visualization, in order to bring innovative advanced stats to the BCL until 2026.

By developing new types of game overview, post-game analysis, players profile & comparison and many other features, this collaboration will allow all fans, clubs & players, broadcasters, media and publishers, to deep dive into advanced statistics of the Basketball Champions League in a clear and attractive way.

Through new patterns and innovative understanding of the competition, this collaboration will allow the Basketball Champions League to leverage Viziball’s advanced features, in order to bring basketball fans and media closer together and to build unique, engaging digital sports experiences.

"There is a growing trend in sports and especially in basketball to become more analytical," said Patrick Comninos, Basketball Champions League CEO. "Technology continues to spread across sports as fast as ever, and basketball is one of the major players throughout the current analytics movement. Part of a broader effort to strengthen our offer and propose innovative content, we are therefore pleased to collaborate with Viziball for the coming seasons, as they will help us to enhance the availability of the Basketball Champions League data, making it more accessible and appealing to all our various stakeholders," he added.

"It's a great opportunity to display our expertise through this partnership, to consolidate and pursue our innovative approach combining data vizualisation and advanced stats," said Guillaume Blot, Viziball CEO. "The expansion of advanced stats in FIBA basketball is clearly one of our main goals. The BCL has a steady capacity to innovate and express their specific requirements, and in some difficult analytics cases," he added.

The first visible result of this partnership is available here: https://www.championsleague.basketball/21-22/advanced-stats, more developments will follow later.