17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024
GM survey: Who will win the BCL? Who will be the season MVP?
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GM survey: Who will win the BCL? Who will be the season MVP?

MIES (Switzerland) - It's becoming a tradition in the Basketball Champions League. As the season is heading towards its climax, we conduct a survey of the general managers of the 16 clubs that are still in contention.

The votes are in, and the GMs seem to trust Unicaja to go all the way in Season 8, after reaching the Final Four last time around.

The toughest arena to play in is the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Karsiyaka Spor Salonu in Izmir, Turkiye, where Pinar Karsiyaka play their home games.

The GMs have a lot of respect for Levi Randolph and Marcelinho Huertas, who were named in both the MVP of the season and the most respected player questions, while Tidjane Salaun is the most exciting young prospect, according to the leaders of the Round of 16 clubs.

Without further ado, here are all the questions and the answers of the general managers of the BCL Round of 16 clubs.

There is no place like the Pinar Karsiyaka arena in Izmir, the GMs say

Who will win the Basketball Champions League Final Four?

Unicaja 54.5%
Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem 36.4%
Lenovo Tenerife 9.1%

Which team surprised you the most this season?

Cholet Basket 27.2%
Telekom Baskets Bonn 18.2%
MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg 18.2%
Also received votes: Tofas Bursa, UCAM Murcia, Galatasaray EKMAS, JDA Bourgogne Dijon

Which team is the most fun to watch?

Unicaja 36.4%
MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg 27.2%
Also received votes: Rio Breogan, Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem, UCAM Murcia, Cholet Basket

Which team is the toughest opponent?

Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem 27.2%
Lenovo Tenerife 18.2%
UCAM Murcia 18.2%
Also received votes: Telekom Baskets Bonn, Unicaja, Pinar Karsiyaka, Promitheas Patras

Which is the toughest arena to play in?

Pinar Karsiyaka 54.5%
UCAM Murcia 18.2%
Also received votes: Unicaja, PAOK mateco, Promitheas Patras

Who is the best head coach of the competition?

Sito Alonso (UCAM Murcia) 45.4%
Ibon Navarro (Unicaja) 36.4% 
Txus Vidorreta (Lenovo Tenerife) 18.2%

Who will win the season MVP award?

Levi Randolph (Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem) 36.4%
Austin Wiley (Tofas Bursa) 18.2%
Also received votes: Kendrick Perry (Unicaja), Marcelinho Huertas (Lenovo Tenerife), Giorgi Shermadini (Lenovo Tenerife), Tyson Carter (Unicaja), Vernon Carey (Pinar Karsiyaka)

Which player is the best scorer?

Levi Randolph (Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem) 45.4%
Anthony Cowan (Promitheas) 18.2%
Also received votes: Darrun Hilliard, Errick McCollum, Kendrick Perry, Kyle Guy

Which player is the best passer?

Marcelinho Huertas (Lenovo Tenerife) 63.6%
Joe Ragland (Peristeri bwin) 36.4%

Which player is the best shooter?

Klemen Prepelic (Galatasaray EKMAS) 27.3%
Craig Randall II (Cholet Basket*) 18.2%
Also received votes: Hunter Hale, Justin Smith, Kyle Guy, Marcus Denmon, Sasu Salin, Vitto Brown

Which player is the best defender?

Alberto Diaz (Unicaja) 45.4%
Howard Sant-Roos (UCAM Murcia) 18.2%
Also received votes: Austin Wiley, Gerald Ayayi, Vernon Carey, Rodions Kurucs

Who is the best big man?

Giorgi Shermadini (Lenovo Tenerife) 36.4%
Vernon Carey (Pinar Karsiyaka) 36.4%
Austin Wiley (Tofas Bursa) 18.2%
David McCormack (Galatasaray EKMAS) 9.1%

Who is the best all-round player?

Howard Sant-Roos (UCAM Murcia) 36.4%
Levi Randolph (Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem) 27.3%
Also received votes: Darrun Hilliard, J.J. O'Brien, Marcelinho Huertas, Paul Lacombe

Who is the best leader?

Marcelinho Huertas (Lenovo Tenerife) 54.5%
Also received votes: Alberto Diaz, David Holston, Joe Ragland, Levi Randolph, TJ Campbell

Who's the most respected player in the league?

Marcelinho Huertas (Lenovo Tenerife) 80%
Errick McCollum (Pinar Karsiyaka) 10%
Joe Ragland (Peristeri bwin) 10%

Who's the most athletic player in the league?

Austin Wiley (Tofas Bursa) 40%
Tidjane Salaun (Cholet Basket) 20%
Also received votes: David McCormack, Joe Ragland, Nysier Brooks, Zach Hankins

Which player would you pick to take the game-winning shot?

Errick McCollum (Pinar Karsiyaka) 27.3%
Levi Randolph (Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem) 18.2%
Speedy Smith (Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem) 18.2%
Also received votes: Craig Randall II, Darrun Hilliard, Hunter Hale, Kyle Guy

Which player forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments?

Marcelinho Huertas (Lenovo Tenerife) 18.2%
Also received votes: Anthony Cowan, Darrun Hilliard, Dylan Ennis, Kendrick Perry, Kyle Guy, Levi Randolph, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Giorgi Shermadini

Which youngster will be the best player in five years?

Tidjane Salaun (Cholet Basket) 54.5%
Also received votes: Ege Demir, Gerald Ayayi, Guillermo del Pino, Ozgur Cengiz, Roberts Blums

Which player would you want to steal from another team?

Levi Randolph (Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem) 18.2%
Hunter Hale (Promitheas) 18.2%
Also received votes: Brian Fobbs, Howard Sant-Roos, Klemen Prepelic, Kyle Guy, Errick McCollum, Vernon Carey, Vitto Brown