17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024
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Clarification about the Cholet Basket vs. VEF Riga game

The game between Cholet Basket and VEF Riga on Wednesday, October 25th, finished with the home team 74-73 winners after the end of the fourth quarter.

The scoreboard initially displayed the scores tied at 74-74 at the end of regulation, because a missed free-throw by VEF Riga player Elijah Clarance with 6:34 remaining to the end was incorrectly counted as a made free-throw and one point was added to the VEF Riga score.

This mistake was corrected by the table officials at the end of the fourth quarter, in compliance with article 48.3 of the FIBA Official Basketball Rules, which stipulates that if a scorekeeping error is recognized on the scoresheet "after the end of playing time and before the scoresheet has been signed by the crew chief, the error shall be corrected, even if this correction influences the final result of the game."

Furthermore, according to article 44.2.6 "an error in scorekeeping, timekeeping or shot-clock operations involving the score, number of fouls, number of time-outs, game clock and shot clock time consumed or committed, may be corrected by the referees at any time before the crew chief has signed the scoresheet."