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Certified Shooters Investigation: The best shooters in the BCL


MIES (Switzerland) - Splash and runners, string musicians, rainmakers and clutch killers, all of you stand up, because this one is for you! There is no better sound in the world than leather on nylon so let's shine the light on the best shooters of Season 8. 

Hugo Invernizzi - SIG Strasbourg

BREAKING NEWS: Hugo Invernizzi (or should we say... Inv3rnizzi?) can shoot the ball!

We assume that your spidey senses detected the intended sarcasm but, just in case,  this is who we are dealing with here:  Invernizzi has played in a European competition every season since 2015 and shot over 40 percent from deep in every single one of them.

We don't have the data on hand to say how many other players can make the same claim but we wouldn't be surprised if there isn't any at all.

Stats: 60.9 percent on 3-pointers (from 4.6 attempts). 71 percent of all his shot attempts are from behind the arc.

What is his shot? Whilst Invernizzi is equally lethal as a floor spacer or trail shooter, it's undeniable that his biggest weapon is the pick-and-pop. And it's not just that he can set a screen, separate, and then let it fly, he's also developed his game to add in a pump-fake and side step, or even a dribble and then step back before letting it go. When he's making those shots at a 61 percent rate, it's almost an unguardable shot. 

Chasson Randle - AEK BETSSON BC

Of all the big-name arrivals at AEK this summer, Chasson Randle possibly arrived with the least fanfare.

It's starting to look like he should have come with the most. We are talking about a player who played 49 games in the in 2018-19 season for the Washington Wizards and shot over 40 percent from three.

The prior season he'd shot 45 percent from deep in 23 Euroleague games for Real Madrid. The rate he's shooting the ball for AEK this season should be a surprise to no one.

Stats: 65.2 percent on 3-pointers (from 4.6 attempts). He has made 42.8 percent of AEK's total made threes so far. 

What is his shot? The corner pocket. Considering his role as a secondary ball-handler requires Randle to take a considerable volume of shots off the dribble as well, it probably doesn't paint the full picture to say that his shot is a catch-and-shoot from the corner, but when he's only missed one so far this season it's safe to pronounce him one of the most lethal corner shooters out there.

Sasu Salin - Lenovo Tenerife


The facts speak for themselves. Sasu Salin was already the BCL's record three-point shooter and this season he crossed the 200-made threes mark. The Finn is indisputably the best shooter in the eight-year history of this league and he will take some catching. 

Stats: 42.4 percent on 3-pointers (from 6.6 attempts). 91.6 percent of all his shot attempts this season have been from deep. 

What is his shot? The truth is that Salin never met a three-point shot that he didn't like, but he's probably at his very best sprinting off screens and knocking down shots from Marcelinho Huertas assists. The ability to move without the ball is becoming less and less common, but Salin does it as well as anyone. 

Caleb Homesley - Tofas Bursa

Welcome to the BCL Caleb! In his four games for Tofas thus far, Homesley has put up better numbers than in any other competition in his career.

His role with Tofas requires him to be the team's primary scorer and, in return, has given him the platform to be the fourth-leading scorer in the league with 18 points per game.

Shooting from deep is far from the only string in his bow but when 54 of his total 90 points scored have come from behind the arc, it's certainly a major one. In fact, Homesley is leading the entire league for three-point shot attempts...

Stats: 48.6 percent on 3-pointers (from 7.4 attempts). He's made 36.7 percent of Tofas Bursa's total shots from deep so far this season. 

What is his shot? Off the dribble, hand in his face, clutch dagger. The general idea is that it's more difficult to make contested jump shots but for Homesley, the opposite seems to be true. The fact that he's 1.98m and releases the ball quickly, and on the way up certainly doesn't hurt either, but some players just have that killer DNA that brings the best out of them during the clutch moments or when there is a chance to stab the dagger against a sprawling defender. Caleb Homesley is that guy.  

Todd Withers - Darussafaka Lassa 

We wouldn't be surprised if Todd Withers' contract with Dacka required him to sign an NDA clause.

No, we don't mean they want him not to disclose club secrets, we mean a 'No Dribbles Allowed' clause, because Withers is that rare breed of player who can score points in a hurry without ever needing to put the ball on the floor.

In a basketball landscape where most players arriving in Europe want to spend time with their trainer in the summer working on their "bag", Withers clearly spends more time working on doing what he gets paid for.

That's not to say he doesn't have a bag but just beware, this guy is a certified shooter and you don't want to leave him open. 

Stats: 59.1 percent on 3-pointers (from 5.5 attempts). 39 of his total 41 points have been from behind the arc.

What is his shot? Catch the ball. Shoot the ball. 

Honorable Mentions

We can't finish an article about shooters in the BCL without mentioning the arrival of one Klemen Prepelic at Galatasaray EKMAS.  It's too early for the Slovenian to make it on this list, but we all know he's one of the very finest shooters on this continent.

Troy Caupain shooting 46.9 percent on 6.4 attempts is also a name we have to throw some light on. Those are crazy good shooting numbers and he's a huge reason why UCAM Murcia look like a team that could do some serious damage this season.

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