17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024
21 Gytis Masiulis (VILN)
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BCL Fantasy tips: Adjust your lineup, play with two centers

MIES (Switzerland) - Modern basketball is about playing small ball, spreading the floor with shooters, playing faster and faster each year. However, your BCL Fantasy team can still go old-school, with two, three, even four (!) big guys among the five on the court.

With Season 8 in full swing, you probably know by now all about our official BCL Fantasy game. If you haven't played since the start of the season, don't worry, there are still weekly and monthly challenges for you to enjoy.

Week 1 in the Play-Ins provided a lot of big statlines, with the matchup between Peristeri bwin and Rytas Vilnius proving to be the biggest one for Fantasy players.

Those of you lucky enough to have Joe Ragland in their lineup enjoyed the first ever 25-point, 15-assist performance in BCL history, while Margiris Normantas went over 15+ points and 5+ assists for the third time in a row.

But it wasn't just the guys on the perimeter getting the big numbers. Justin Gorham and Marytnas Echodas combined for 23 points, 15 rebounds and an efficiency rating of 30 for Rytas, while Trevor Thompson had 21 points, 9 rebounds and an efficiency rating of 25 for Peristeri.

Why are we telling you about three different centers when the usual lineup is two guards, two forwards and just one center? Well, because you can adjust your lineup to go big.

When selecting your team for the week, you have a drop down menu in the upper left part above the court with your players, next to the Autofill option. From the drop down menu, you can select the positions of the lineup, and pick what's best for your available players.

Now, if you have all these five aforementioned players, the best option would be 2C - 1F - 2G. You put Echodas and Thompson as centers, Gorham as the only forward, with Normantas and Ragland as guards.

Other matchups and your roster could force you to go with three guards or three forwards, but the important thing to notice is you have to have all three major positions covered (at least one center, one forward and one guard).

This is now where BCL Fantasy meets Football Manager simulation. It's not just about getting the most points, it's about figuring out which matchups you have coming up for your guys, which series could get you to go with two centers, and which shooting contest could make you put three guards together.

Come next week, it might already be too late to do these different lineup experiments, because players from as many as eight BCL teams could be eliminated after Games 2 of the Play-Ins.

That probably gives you even more reason to use them this week, because big time players have a tendency of coming up big in elimination games.