17 octubre, 2023
05 mayo, 2024

Access List Principles

The Basketball Champions League has established clear and transparent principles that determine participation into the competition.

The Basketball Champions League Access List serves two (2) principles purposes:

Ranking Clubs
  • Each club that participates in the BCL collects points based on performance
  • These points are accumulated and constitute the “BCL Club Ranking”
  • Club ranking will classify clubs that are participating in the BCL and will be used to seed clubs at various stages of the BCL Draws.
  • Points accumulated during the last three (3) seasons will be taken into consideration prior to determining the ranking of each new season
Ranking Countries
  • The points accumulated by the clubs of each country constitute the “BCL Country Ranking”
  • The total number of points gained annually by the clubs of each country will be divided by the number of clubs from the same country that have entered the competition during that season
  • Country Ranking is used to define the number of clubs each country is entitled to enter into the various stages of the BCL

The Access List helps provide a transparent and objective process for determining the participation of clubs each season, highlighting a key pillar of the Basketball Champions League: sporting principles.

By being awarded points for every victory and for each successful qualification, clubs are able to directly affect their own ranking and determine their overall position. Consequently, the impact on the country ranking allows for a dynamic process whereby each club individually and all clubs from the same country collectively are responsible for impacting their country’s overall ranking and determining, in effect, the total number of clubs that a country could register and the stage of the competition each club will enter.

The collection of points by clubs participating in the Basketball Champions League is as follows:

* Not applicable in Season 1,4,5
** Only applicable in Season 1


UPDATE : Due to the exceptional circumstances linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the change of competition format, each Regular Season victory will be awarded 3 points (instead of 2) as of season 5 (2020-21).

The rankings will be updated every week, after the conclusion of each gameday.