20 October, 2020
09 May, 2021
77 Vojtech Hruban (NYMB)
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Hruban, Thomas headline all-time stats leaders

MIES (Switzerland) - The Regular Season of the fifth edition of the Basketball Champions League has just come to a close so this is a great time to take a snapshot of individual career stats in the competition.

ERA Nymburk captain Vojtech Hruban, as the all-time leading scorer, and TaShawn Thomas as the all-time leader in both rebounds and blocks, dominate stats leaders up until this point in BCL history.

Hruban in particular, who has 869 career points, is set to become the first player in competition history to surpass the 900-point mark shortly after the start of the Play-Offs in March.

The 31-year-old Czech international could theoretically even break the 1,000-mark by the end of the 2020-21 season, but unless Nymburk qualify to the Final 8 he would need to average 21.8 points per game in Group L in order to make it.

Two Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem players, J’Covan Brown and the aforementioned Thomas are in second and third place, respectively, on the all-time scorers list but since the Israeli team didn't qualify to the Play-Offs, they will have to return to the competition next season in order to pursue the Czech small forward.

In fact the only player on the all-time top 10 scorers list, other than Hruban, with a chance to still improve his position this season is Linos Chrysikopoulos of AEK who needs 7 points to pass former Lenovo Tenerife forward Tim Abromaitis for 8th place and 11 points to pass MarQuez Haynes for 7th spot.

Abromaitis, with 555 career points and Kevin Punter with 706 points are the only two players in this Top 10 to have a BCL gold medal in their trophy case.

Punter of course has in fact two of those, one with Virtus Bologna and one with AEK, and is also the player who required the least amount of games to reach 700 points, since he averaged 17.7 points per game in his BCL career.

Thomas is a very special case in BCL history because he is the only player to currently stand at the top of two different stats categories, with 317 career rebounds and 67 career blocks, while also being the third-leading scorer, as we saw above.

There is an asterisk though, because while Thomas's supremacy status in blocks is undisputed for the foreseeable future (none of the other players in the top 10 is in competing in the BCL this season), his leadership in rebounds will be contested very soon.

Petr Benda, the veteran Nymburk center, has 297 career rebounds and therefore needs to average 3.5 boards per game in the Play-Offs (provided he plays all six games in Group L) to overtake Thomas at the top.

Jerai Grant, who played for both AEK and SIG Strasbourg, is in third place with only one career rebound fewer than Benda (296), Gasper Vidmar is fourth with 285 and Abromaitis is right behind him with 281 (so even higher than his eighth place in scoring).

Apart from Benda, there are only two players in the rebounders Top-10 who have the chance to climb higher on the list by the end of the current season and those are of course the all-time leading scorer Hruban, who has 273 career boards, and AEK's Yanick Moreira, who has 249 career rebounds.

Hruban is averaging 4 rebounds per game and Moreira is averaging 6.4 over their BCL career, so a realistic spot for Hruban to land at the conclusion of the Play-Offs would be either third or fourth, right above or right below Grant, while Moreira could realistically rise even up to fourth, overtaking Vidmar.

Another Hapoel Jerusalem player, Tamir Blatt, is standing at the top of the all-time leaders in assists with 306 BCL career assists and his first spot is certainly secure through the end of the current season, as second-placed Dusan Djordjevic (293 career assists) and third-placed J’Covan Brown (276 career assists) will also not play in this season's Play-Offs.

Unlike Blatt however, who is joining Alba Berlin next summer, both Djordjevic and Brown have the chance to play for a team that will compete in the BCL again next season, so Blatt's supremacy could very well be challenged early next season.

The only player on the assists list who has the opportunity to improve his position before the end of the 2020-21 season is Rodrigo San Miguel of Casademont Zaragoza, who has 239 career assists.

The all-time leader in steals, Jérémy Leloup who has 91 career steals, is in a similar position to Blatt in the sense that his reign is secure for the foreseeable future.

Hruban, who has 58 career steals is the only player with a chance to improve his position by the end of the current season and it seems realistic that he overtakes Eugene Lawrence and JDA Dijon's David Holston (both with 63) and rises to seventh on the list, or even possibly climbs above Vassilis Xanthopoulos and take sixth spot.