17 September, 2019
01 January, 2020
20190727 Kapfenberg Bulls v BC Kyiv
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Kyiv confident 'fast and smart' play will carry them to next round

MIES (Switzerland) - The clash between Kapfenberg Buls and BC Kyiv in Austria was by far the most closely-contested among  Tuesday's Gameday 1 fixtures in Qualification Round 1, as it ended with the scores tied at 66-all.

 Many think that the first-leg result points to another tight game when the two teams meet in Ukraine on Friday evening, to determine which one gets the ticket to the next round of the qualifiers, but Kyiv are confident that they hold the key - or the sword - to break the Gordian knot open.

"The main goal for my team at home is to play fast, smart and aggressive basketball" - Kyiv head coach Ainars Bagatskis

 "I am pretty sure that’s everything depends only on ourselves in the second game," Kyiv head coach Ainars Bagatskis told championsleague.basketball. "We did great preparation in the preseason, but we let Kapfenberg play their own basketball, unfortunately"

"We just need to fix some details. In the first game we made many childish mistakes, made a lot of wrong decisions. But I believe that we will show a game of another quality at home, in front of our fans."

Kapfenberg guard Bogic Vujosevic poured in 31 points in a low-scoring game

In the first leg, Kapfenberg’s Bogic Vujosevic erupted for a gameday-high 31 points on 7 of 16 shooting, but otherwise the game was a case of solid defensive displays and erratic shooting on offense, for both teams.

"The main goal for my team at home is to play fast, smart and aggressive basketball," The Latvian playcaller said. "This is the kind of basketball that we love and are able to play. In this case, I am sure, we will bring a much better result."

'We don't expect any easy baskets, for sure' - Coach Ainars Bagatskis

Kapfenberg shot only 31.5 percent and Kyiv shot 37.5 percent from the floor, but coach Bagatskis is confident his team will show a different offensive display on Friday.

"You know that every game is different," Bagatskis said."I can’t say anything about percentages before the game. But yes, we don’t expect any easy baskets, for sure. And we will do our best to force them to shoot bad attempts, also."

So which team will solve the gordian knot on Friday and advance to Qualification Round 2, where San Pablo Burgos awaits?

"Kyiv Basket will win it," Bagatskis states. "How could I say Kapfenberg?"