20 October, 2020
09 May, 2021
9 Marcelinho Huertas (TENE)
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Stats don't lie: Tenerife have the best offense among Play-Offs-bound teams

MIES (Switzerland) - Lenovo Tenerife are, statistically, the best offensive team out of the 16 sides that will compete in the 2020-21 Basketball Champions League Play-Offs, based on the data we have gathered during the six games of the Regular Season.

Even a cursory glance at the offensive efficiency table reveals a truly striking fact about the flavor of basketball we have been watching since the start of this very atypical season, and it is a something that can be expressed very plainly in two words: offense rules.

Offensive Efficiency (Rating) is defined as the number of points a team scores per 100 possessions

 Team Rating Team Rating
1. Lenovo Tenerife 129.6 8. Dinamo Sassari 116.0
2. Hereda San Pablo Burgos 124.5 10. Turk Telekom 115.6
3. AEK 124.3 11. Tofas Bursa 115.3
4. ERA Nymburk 119.1 12. Casademont Zaragoza 111.9
5. Hapoel Unet-Credit Holon 117.5 12. SIG Strasbourg 111.9
6. Pinar Karsiyaka 117.4 14. VEF Riga 110.7
7. Brose Bamberg 116.9 15. Nizhny Novgorod 110.1
8. Happy Casa Brindisi 116.0 16. Igokea 109.0


It is remarkable that we had no less than three teams with an offensive rating higher than 124 points per 100 possessions, which is the sort of rocket-fueled output that would rank them at the top of the corresponding list even in the NBA.

To put into perspective just how more offensive-minded teams have been so far in this BCL season, last year there was only one team (Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem) scoring more than 120 points per 100 possessions.

The EFG% formula is: (Field Goals Made + 0.5 X 3-Pointers Made) divided by (Field Goals Attempted)

Team Rating Team Rating
1. Lenovo Tenerife 63.9% 9. Hapoel Unet-Credit Holon 54.5%
2. Brose Bamberg 62.4% 10. Turk Telekom 54.2%
3. Hereda San Pablo Burgos 59.4% 11. Dinamo Sassari 53.6%
4. AEK 58.5% 12. Pinar Karsiyaka 53.4%
5. Nizhny Novgorod 56.8% 13. Tofas Bursa 53.1%
6. Casademont Zaragoza 56.6% 14. Happy Casa Brindisi 52.5%
7. VEF Riga 54.8% 15. SIG Strasbourg 51.5%
8. ERA Nymburk 54.7% 16. Igokea 51.3%


So for a team's offense to stand out among these high-octane offenses of 2020-21 it would have to be undeniably spectacular, and that is precisely what one can say about Lenovo Tenerife's offense in the Regular Season.

The Spanish team scored an eye-popping 129.6 points per 100 possessions and, as you might remember they were also the top-ranked offense also in absolute terms, as they averaged 92 points per game.

Fate has placed the second best-ranked offensive team of the Regular Season, Hereda San Pablo Burgos, in the same Play-Offs group as the Tenerife.

Interestingly, if you are a fan of reading omens into this sort of things, the reigning BCL champions had the second-highest offensive rating also at the end of the 2019-20 Regular Season.

Assists Ratio is defined as the percentage of possessions that end in an assist

Team Rating Team Rating
1. Lenovo Tenerife  22.5 9. Pinar Karsiyaka 19.2
2. Hereda San Pablo Burgos  22.3 10. Dinamo Sassari 17.9
3. AEK  21.0 11. SIG Strasbourg 17.7
4. Brose Bamberg  20.4 12. Hapoel Unet-Credit Holon 17.2
5. Tofas Bursa  20.3 12. Turk Telekom 17.1
6. Casademont Zaragoza  20.1 14. VEF Riga 17.0
7. ERA Nymburk  20.0 14. Igokea 17.0
8. Nizhny Novgorod  19.3 16. Happy Casa Brindisi 16.4


Burgos are scoring 124.5 points per 100 possessions and they are third in absolute terms, as they average 90.5 points per game. The third-ranked team, AEK, are almost on a par with Burgos as their offensive efficiency is 124.3. Because of their slower pace though, the Greek team averaged only 85.7 points per game.

Interestingly, even the fourth-ranked team in terms of offensive efficiency, ERA Nymburk, are just a tad below the 120 points per 100 possessions mark. Because of their relatively quick pace, the Czech team averaged 91 points per game and they were second behind Tenerife and right above Burgos in that respect. 

Turnover Ratio is defined as the percentage of possessions that end in a turnover (lower is better)

Team Rating Team Rating
1. Pinar Karsiyaka   9.3 9. Turk Telekom 12.1
2. Hereda San Pablo Burgos 10.1 10. Dinamo Sassari 12.3
3. AEK 10.3 11. Happy Casa Brindisi 12.6
4. Tofas Bursa 11.0 12. Hapoel Unet-Credit Holon 13.2
5. SIG Strasbourg 11.5 12. Nizhny Novgorod 13.7
6. Casademont Zaragoza 11.7 14.  Igokea 14.3
6. Lenovo Tenerife 11.7 15. Brose Bamberg 15.0
8. ERA Nymburk 11.8 16. VEF Riga 15.7


Tenerife's dominance on the offensive end of the court this season is very easily explained by the effectiveness of their passing and, even more crucially, by their admirable shooting accuracy.

The Spanish team's Effective Field Goal Percentage was 63.9 percent during the Regular Season and that it so spectacular that only an excellent combination of accuracy and shot selection can achieve.


Team Rating Team Rating
1. SIG Strasbourg 39.0% 9. Pinar Karsiyaka 32.8%
2. Tofas Bursa 36.4% 10. Happy Casa Brindisi 32.1%
3. VEF Riga 36.3% 11. AEK 31.4%
4. Hapoel Unet-Credit Holon 35.2% 11. Lenovo Tenerife 31.4%
4. ERA Nymburk 35.2% 13. Hereda San Pablo Burgos 30.2%
6. Turk Telekom 34.0% 14. Nizhny Novgorod 29.9%
7. Dinamo Sassari 33.9% 15. Brose Bamberg 25.7%
8. Igokea 33.2% 16. Casademont Zaragoza 22.1%


Good shot selection of course is a natural outcome of open looks to the basket and Tenerife must have had a ton of those, as they also led the Regular Season in assists ratio, with 22.5 percent.

Pinar Karsiyaka deserve a special mention in relation to the offensive indicators we are presenting here. The Turkish team didn't set the world alight with their shooting, as their Effective Field Goal Percentage was a very modest 53.4 percent, and their assists ratio was a middle-of-the-road 19.2 percent.

However, Karsiyaka took better care of the ball than any other team in the Regular Season, with a turnover ratio as low as 9.3 percent, and that factor was sufficient to propel their offensive rating to sixth overall (marginally level with fifth-placed Hapoel Unet-Credit Holon), at 117.4 points per 100 possessions.

The aforementioned Holon's high offensive efficiency is a special case, as their metrics are similar to Karsiyaka's but they lack the Turkish team's excellent care of the ball.

One explanation is the Israeli team's capacity to get to the foul line and get the easy points from there, as they averaged 16.7 made free-throws per game in the Regular Season. Holon are also fourth in offensive rebounding rate (35.2 percent), which enables them to score second-chance points.