20 October, 2020
09 May, 2021
Aleksander Sekulic (NYMB), Oren Amiel (NYMB), 98 Jakub Tuma (NYMB), 77 Vojtech Hruban (NYMB), 73 Frantisek Rylich (NYMB), 33 Stephen Zimmerman (NYMB), 32 Retin Obasohan (NYMB), 31 Martin Kriz (NYMB), 23 Lukas Palyza (NYMB), 21 Lubos Kovar (NYMB), 20 Hayden Dalton (NYMB), 11 Jerrick Harding (NYMB), 4 Petr Benda (NYMB), 3 Omar Prewitt (NYMB)
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Quarter-Final against Karsiyaka is all about rotation, say Nymburk

MIES (Switzerland) - If the old adage 'location, location, location' is the go-to phrase of every real estate agent in the world, 'rotation, rotation, rotation' might become the favorite mantra of ERA Nymburk in the run-up to the Quarter-Final clash with Pinar Karsiyaka at the Final 8 in May.

The Czech champions regard their deep bench as the factor that might give them an advantage over their Turkish rivals when the two teams clash in Nizhny Novgorod.

"We wanted Strasbourg, we didn't want Burgos, and so we got the third one - Karsiyaka," Nymburk captain Vojtěch Hruban said jokingly.

"We are in the part of the bracket that is theoretically easier, so we can't make excuses. But the fact is that we still have as our opponent the third-placed team of the Turkish league, which has strong individuals on the roster.

"But it's a team that might suit us, because they don't have such a deep rotation and our fast-paced game can be useful against them. We will see how it goes.

"This knock-out format, where the winner continues and the loser goes home, erases all differences and anything can happen. In my opinion, Karsiyaka and Strasbourg were similar rivals in terms of quality, Burgos would have a much stronger roster.

"But Karsiyaka also have great players, they have a very strong starting five. They don't have such a deep bench, but in these games that doesn't matter that much.

"If I have to pick one name [on the Karsiyaka roster] it would be D.J. Kennedy, who is a great shooter. Whatever league he went to, he was among the top scorers. We have played against him several times, he can shoot, run, and he can score at crucial moments."

Admiration towards D.J. Kennedy is common among Nymburk players, and not only wingers such as Hruban, but also big guys like veteran Petr Benda who never had to match-up individually with the Karsiyaka swingman.

"Karsiyaka were one of the opponents I wanted. The draw was friendly to us, and if we prepare well, we definitely have a chance to advance," Benda said.

"Of course Karsiyaka are a very strong opponent, like all the teams that are in the Final 8, but we could have an advantage over them because of our deep rotation.

"On the contrary, they often play the whole game with just five or six players. They have Semih Erden, and it's always hard to play against him. But now he plays fewer minutes, so we have to focus more on others.

"Raymar Morgan is one of the key players, there is also D.J. Kennedy, against whom we have played in the VTB United League, and he's a great shooter. And also Amath M'Baye. Everyone in their starting five is able to get twenty points on a given night."

Interestingly, Omar Prewitt who went up twice against Pinar Karsiyaka in the 2019-20 season, when he was playing for Bandirma in the Turkish BSL, has a different assessment of the Izmir team's depth.

"I wouldn't say they don't have a deep rotation, they have a lot of very good Turkish guys coming off the bench who know how to play the game as well as a bunch of older, very experienced veteran players," the American forward said.

"Every single team would be a good team at this point, so it didn't really matter that much who you drew. I got to play against Karsiyaka a couple of times last year, they still have a lot of the same guys. they are still a very physical, older team that really knows how to play basketball.

"They have a lot of good guys, Tony Taylor is good, [Amath] M'Baye is good, pretty much every guy on their team is a solid player, so it's going to be a good game for sure."

"I guess you could say there are some similarities with Tofas Bursa, which we played twice this season, in that they are both very physical teams. But Karsiyaka have been very good in the Turkish league, they have been together the past couple of years and they probably play a little bit better together."