20 October, 2020
09 May, 2021
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Dynamic duos: Lenovo Tenerife vs. SIG Strasbourg

MIES (Switzerland) - The Final 8 is serious business and it will culminate in crowning the 2020-21 Basketball Champions League champion, but it is also a big celebration of our sport, so it should be (and it will be) a great deal of fun, too.

What better way to kick back, bring some levity to the whole affair than to treat each of the four Quarter-Finals as an entertaining basketball arcade game that entered popular culture?

Lenovo Tenerife are facing SIG Strasbourg in the third Quarter-Final, on May 6, and we have picked Marcelinho Huertas and Giorgi Shermadini from the Spanish team and pitted them against Bonzie Colson and Brandon Jefferson from the French side in a ... 2-on-2 basketball comparison!


Boomshakalaka Rating: Tenerife 70% -- Strasbourg 80%

Tenerife duo: Ask any center in the BCL or the Spanish Liga Endesa and they will testify to the fact that Giorgi Shermadini is a relentless scoring machine when he manages to get his baby hook shot off. The Georgian big man is averaging 16.6 points per game in 22.4 minutes of action and, while scoring roughly 1 point every 80 seconds is mighty impressive, doing so at an effective field goal percentage (eFG%) of 64.5 percent is nothing short of devastating for the opposing defense. Marcelinho Huertas meanwhile has taken something of a back seat when it comes to scoring this season, as he is averaging 8.1 points per game (down from 12.1 per game last season) as his playing time has also decreased.

Strasbourg duo: You know what can give you a real boost if you have started the Play-Offs on a 0-3 record and need three straight wins to advance? A player who is a top-5 leading scorer in the league and shoots at an effective field goal percentage of over 50 percent. Those are really hard to come by, but luckily for Strasbourg, Bonzie Colson is one of them, as the fourth-leading scorer with 19.1 points per game and an eFG% of 53.2 percent. It also turns out that a great player to compliment Colson is a small point guard who takes 7.9 threes per game (more than any other player in the Play-Offs) and hits 36.8 percent of them, in Brandon Jefferson. The Strasbourg playmaker is averaging 14.6 points per game and scored in double-digits in all games in the Play-Offs.


Boomshakalaka Rating: Tenerife 80% -- Strasbourg 50%

Tenerife duo: It's almost unfair to compare any player, no matter how good their passing and how sharp their court vision, to Marcelinho Huertas. The Brazilian is arguably the best passer in BCL history and his assist ratio this season is 39.1 (in just over 19 minutes per game), which means that when this 37-year-old is on the floor, roughly 4 in 10 Tenerife field goals come off one of his assists. As if this scandalous assist contribution by the Brazilian was not enough, the 2.16m tall Shermadini has also developed this aspect of his game in recent years and he is now averaging 2 assists per game, with an assist ratio of 13.2.

Strasbourg duo: Jefferson has an assist ratio of 18.9 which is of course more than decent and above average, but is rather low for his position, even for score-first point guards. He is therefore averaging only 3.4 assists per game, in nearly 30 minutes of action on average, although in his defense he is a very safe pair of hands who almost never turns the ball over when passing. As for Colson, he is a natural-born scorer so he rarely passes the ball once he gets it - he is better off shooting it himself anyway, one would argue - and his assist ratio is 7.9 which would be rather low even for a center, let alone a small forward.


Boomshakalaka Rating: Tenerife 75% -- Strasbourg 70%

Tenerife duo: Shermadini is the fifth-leading player in the league this season in terms of efficiency, with an average rating of 20, andhe needs so little time to make a huge impact on the game when he comes off the bench that even the original 'microwave' - Vinnie Johnson in his hay day at Detroit Pistons - would be in awe of the Georgian's efficiency. Huertas's efficiency rating admittedly dropped to 9.7 per game after the conclusion of the Play-Offs, but stats cannot measure just how his efficiency sky-rockets when the stakes are high, eg. in crunch time or on the final possession of a close game.

Strasbourg duo: Colson's average efficiency rating of 18.7 might not be place him in the league top-5, where we find Shermadini, but whenever the Strasbourg swingman is on the floor his team outscore opponents by 7.5 points, up from 3.6 points on average. Jefferson on the other hand is averaging an efficiency rating of 12.2 but as the Strasbourg player who plays more than anybody else (nearly 30 minutes per game) the law of diminishing returns works somewhat against him, as Strasbourg are +1.7 point with him on the floor, nearly 2 points below their average.


Boomshakalaka Rating: Tenerife 75% -- Strasbourg 65%

Tenerife duo: There is no stat that can possibly reflect the amount of confidence the mere presence of the Huertas-Shermadini tandem inspires; regardless of whether you are for or against Tenerife, this duo almost have you convinced that they will devise the right play at the right time and, even more importantly, execute it to perfection.

Strasbourg duo: It's true that Strasbourg were 2-3 in close games (games determined by 5 or fewer points) in this BCL campaign but one thing that nobody can never accuse Colson and Jefferson of is that they don't have the capacity to change the course of a game or to come up with the big shot. Colson, in particular, was the only player this season to hit two game-winning buzzer beaters against the same team (VEF Riga).