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Who will reach the #BasketballCL Final Four? Vote now!

ZAGREB (Croatia) - Last week, I asked you to pick your MVP of the season so far, and the vote went to Michal Michalak of Anwil. Staying interactive, I now need your thoughts on Final Four candidates.

The break is still going on, and you are helping the helper in the Help-Side Column rotation, with me covering other stuff, and you covering my back in the Basketball Champions League. I guess I should be saying "dzieki" for that, because results suggest a lot of you seem to understand Polish around here.

In an unofficial MVP of the season so far vote, Anwil's Michal Michalak picked up a comfy win. He won - wait for it - 70 percent of over 14k votes! That's the power and devotion of Anwil's fans, and it proved to be tougher just selecting one name out of the Polish champions' squad than him winning the overall poll.

Should've offered "Anwil" instead of a single player

I could've went with Chase Simon. Or Josip Sobin. Or Kamil Laczynski. Or Valerii Likhodei. Or Igor Milicic, really. The choice was to put Michalak up front, as he is averaging 14.7 points, 5.0 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1.4 steals, similar numbers to those he had for Poland at the FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup in 2010, helping his national team to a silver medal finish, sharing the floor with Przemyslaw Karnowski, Tomasz Gielo and Mateusz Ponitka.

Another milestone for him was in the 2013-14 season in Poland, when he won the Najlepszy Mlody Zawodnik award in the Polish League. Those three words mean "The most handsome young seducer" in Croatian, but Google Translate told me that in Polish, they stand for The Best Young Player.

We talked about the vote, here at the Basketball Champions League headquarters, and somebody said I could've just written "Anwil" instead of a single player in the MVP vote. Well, here's that part of the equation. How do votes align when teams are in question in this popularity contest?

Time to vote (again)

You just need to answer a simple question: Who will reach the Final Four? Just click up on the teams you feel should be at the F4.


Please note that this is in no way an official vote. But it can help you read other teams in the Basketball Champions League, and come to a conclusion or two about their following and passionate fans.


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