09 October, 2018
05 May, 2019
Igor Curkovic's Champions League Help-Side
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Just what it should be about: Eight different nations in the Quarter-Finals

ZAGREB (Croatia) - We should make Toto Cutugno's Insieme the theme song of the Quarter-Finals. He had all the key ingredients in it, way back in 1990, when he sang we should all unite, unite, Europe.

Now, I was a kid back then, and I just remember a guy looking like Roberto Baggio in an oversized way-too-white suit singing with passion, right here in Zagreb, Croatia, where the Eurovision Song Contest 1990 was held.

(And if you are an American and reading this, now is probably the time that I have to explain to you that there is such a thing in which each European country selects a song to represent it at the summit, called Eurovision Song Contest.

Then, a whole lot of cheesiness happens with singers and bands from all over Europe, and some three or four hours later, we vote for a Eurovision Song Contest winner - a song which received the most votes from all around Europe.

Then, about 15 minutes later, nobody remembers the song, except for the host, the winner and a random four year old kid, who's wondering why a guy looking like Roberto Baggio in an oversized way-too-white suit is singing on TV. In a weird language, too.)

Anyway, without further ado - here's Toto, singing how we should all unite, unite.


I know, I know, he doesn't look one bit like Roberto Baggio. But back when I was a kid, I thought all Italians looked like Roberto Baggio. Okay, I'm done now with the singing, I promise, and getting to the point - 29 years after this video was recorded, the Basketball Champions League did what Toto sang about, and united, united this continent! 

Because, amazingly, we will have eight different nations in the Quarter-Finals, which is what none of us dared to dream about, let alone talk about it. And it's just proving the point we had in mind when we started our adventure called the Basketball Champions League - there is unbelievable basketball being played all over Europe, not just by "big" clubs and even bigger budgets. And not just in your typical countries with rich basketball tradition.


Just look at the diversity of basketball styles here. You want the 2014 San Antonio Spurs kind of ball movement? Okay, here you go, Iberostar Tenerife are the team for you. You want pure athleticism in the frontcourt, paired with an elite sharp shooter and a pass first point guard in the backcourt? Sure, Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem are your new favorite outfit.

Maybe you believe that youngsters can matchup with anybody, no matter how much more experienced the other guys are? Congrats, you just became Telenet Giants Antwerp fans! Or do you prefer aggressive defense and slick tactical drawings and tricks from the bench? Perfect, Nizhny Novgorod will be there for your viewing pleasures.