04 October, 2022
14 May, 2023
Tough Calls
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Tough Calls - Week 1

 MIES (Switzerland) - Each week, experts are analysing the games. In order to improve the understanding of referees' decisions and to increase the transparency towards our fans, we publish some of those "tough calls", together with an explanation.

Please find below last week's "tough calls":

Tough Call 1: ERA Nymburk vs Surne Bilbao - No Charge Semi Circle

Black 19 drives to the basket and jumps to make a lay-up. Defender White 98 is standing in contact with the no-charge semicircle line. A contact occurs and the referees call an offensive foul.

Article 33.3 A defensive player has established an initial legal guarding position when:

  • He is facing his/her opponent, and
  • He has both feet on the court.

Article 33.6 A player who has jumped into the air from a place on the court has the right to land on another place on the court provided that the landing place, and the direct path between the take-off and landing place, is not already occupied by an opponent(s) at the time of take-off

Article 33.10 On any penetration play into the no-charge semi-circle area any contact caused by an airborne offensive player with a defensive player inside the no-charge semi-circle shall not be called as a team control foul, unless the offensive player is illegally using his/her hands, arms, legs or body

Outcome: Correct decision. White 98 established a legal guarding position before Black 19 jumped into the air. Even though White 98 was inside the no-charge semicircle, the contact created by Black 19 with his knee must be penalized. As Black 19 still had the ball in his hands when the contact occurred, this is team control foul.


Tough Call 2: Peristeri bwin vs Bnei Ofek Dist Herzliya - Interference

Blue 11 receives the ball and shoots to the basket. After the ball has touched the ring, defender Yellow 15 taps the ball away from his basket. The game continues.

Article 31.2.4 Interference occurs when:                                                                                                

  • A defensive player touches the ball or the basket while the ball is within the basket, thus preventing the ball from passing through the basket.

Article 16.1.2 The ball is considered to be within the basket when the slightest part of the ball is within the basket and below the level of the ring.

Outcome: Incorrect decision by the referees. When Yellow 15 touched the ball, some part of the ball was within the basket and below the level of the ring. This touch prevented the ball from passing through the basket. An interference violation should have been called and 2 points should have been awarded to Blue 11.


Tough Call 3: MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg vs Bakken Bears - Goaltending

Black 10 receives the ball and jumps to shoot. After the ball has left his hand, defender Yellow 27 blocks the ball. The referees call a goaltending violation.

Article 31.2.1 Goaltending occurs during a shot for a goal when a player touches the ball while it is completely above the level of the ring and:

  • It is on its downward flight to the basket, or
  • After it has touched the backboard.

Outcome: Correct decision by the referees. The ball was already on its downward flight to the basket when touched by Yellow 27. Black 10 was awarded 2 points.