01 September, 2016
30 April, 2017
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Tough Calls Gameday 8

Each week, experts are analysing the games. In order to improve the understanding of referees' decisions and to increase the transparency towards our fans, we publish some of those "tough calls", together with an explanation.

Please find below the "tough calls" of Gameday 8:

Tough Call 1 - Player not on the official scoresheet

Before the start of the 2nd period, the Technical Delegate notified the referees that Aris player number 14 (who did not play in the 1st period), was not registered on the official scoresheet and had to be removed from the game. Excellent communication by Technical Delegate.

Outcome: correct decision.


Tough Call 2 - Multiple foul situations with correct free throw procedure

During a rebound situation, Defender White 22 clearly pushes the opponent Red 1. After the foul is called by the Lead referee, a technical foul was also given to White 22 for dissent. At the beginning of the restart, Red 10 appeared on the free throw line. The referees acknowledged that Red 1 should be taking the penalty of 2 free throws for the foul by White 22 and then Red 10 could make the technical foul penalty after this. Correct procedure by referees.

Outcome: correct decision.


Tough Call 3 - Faking a foul by a player in the act of shooting

During an offense by the White team, player White 44 receives the ball to attempt a 3pts shot under pressure from Black 20. During the act of shooting, White 44 spreads his legs in the air to create an illegal contact with defender Black 20. The referee calls a technical foul for the dissent by White 44. The referee was correct to see the illegal action of the shooter’s legs.

Outcome: correct decision.


Tough Call 4 - Excessive contact on an opponent during the act of shooting

The visiting team offense was stolen by White 15 and created a fast break at the end of which Black 9 used excessive contact upon White 7 during the act of shooting. The referee gave an unsportsmanlike foul to Black 9. 

Outcome: correct decision.