01 September, 2016
30 April, 2017
1 Branko Mirkovic (ROU)
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Mirkovic urges Oradea to grind it out ‘like Mourinho’ against his former team

ORADEA (Basketball Champions League) – CSM Oradea veteran guard Branko Mirkovic spent several years of his career in Bulgaria, including a very successful 2009/10 season with Lukoil Academic Sofia. On Tuesday night he returns to the Bulgarian capital, for the first leg of the Qualification Round 2 tie that will decide which of the two teams secures the coveted berth to the Basketball Champions League.

"We don’t have to win pretty, we have to win. We will have to play basketball as Jose Mourinho would play it, the result comes above everything else." - Mirkovic

“It must be something my destiny to go back to Bulgaria almost every year,” Mirkovic told www.championsleague.basketball laughingly. “I am always happy to go back there and see old friends and old team-mates and I am looking forward to this trip, although everything will be very fast.”

And the stakes will be too high because both teams want to reach the Regular Season. Lukoil are maybe considere