20 octobre, 2020
09 mai, 2021


Innovative joint partnership

An independent and separate legal entity based in Switzerland has been established in March 2016. An innovative 50-50 joint partnership between FIBA and 11 top European leagues:

Basketball’s new horizon in Europe

  • Fair competition based on sporting principles: teams qualifying through national leagues
  • A truly European club competition with 30 countries
  • Innovative partnership

The Basketball Champions League

  • Nurturing new European talents
  • Protecting the domestic leagues
  • Promoting sporting results and openness of competitions
  • Providing a sound business model for all stakeholders, not only elite clubs
  • Bringing coherence, transparency and unity to European club competitions
  • Protecting the integrity of the game: all clubs shall be treated equally
  • Advancing common interests through a partnership 50% Leagues - 50% FIBA

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Board of Directors
  • Markus Studer, Chairman
  • Alain Béral (FRA)
  • Antonio Martin (ESP)
  • Arthur Goethals (BEL)
  • Kamil Novak (FIBA Europe)
  • Maurizio Bertea (ITA)
  • Stefan Holz (GER)
  • Kevin Tsujihara (FIBA Club Co)

Brian Bailey (FIBA Club Co)
Chus Bueno (NBA)
Tomas Van Den Spiegel (ULEB)

Chief Executive Officer
  • Patrick Comninos

Three committees composed of representatives of Leagues and FIBA:
Competitions Committee
  • Asterios Zois, Chairman
  • Jens Staudenmayer, Vice-Chairman
  • Edgar Sneps, member
  • Wim Van de Keere, member
  • Djilali Meziane, member
  • Joan Roca, member
  • Radoslav Nesterovic, member
  • Kamil Novak, delegate of the Board
Marketing & Media Committee
  • Arthur Goethals, Chairman
  • Bane Prelevic, Vice-Chairman
  • Antti Zitting, member
  • Emir Turam, member
  • Edli Marcus, member
  • Anna Reznitskaya, member
  • Maurizio Bezzecchi, member
  • Stefan Holz, delegate of the Board
Finance Committee
  • Egidio Bianchi, Chairman
  • Karl Thaller, Vice-Chairman
  • Ingo Weiss, member
  • Patrick Mariller, member
  • Christine Lombard, member
  • Marek Palus, member
  • Tomas Kotrc, delegate of the Board
Single Judge
  • Olivier Ducrey