17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024
Tough Calls
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Tough Calls: Round of 16 Week 2

MIES (Switzerland) - Experts analyze all BCL games each week. In order to improve the understanding of referees' decisions and to increase transparency, we publish some of those Tough Calls, along with an explanation.

TC1: Galatasaray EKMAS vs. JDA Dijon - Interference

Red 33 attempts a shot, the ball hits the ring and then it is tapped away by White 72. The referees call an interference violation and award 2 points to Red 33.

Article 31.2.4: Interference occurs when:
• A defensive player touches the ball or the basket while the ball is within the basket, thus preventing the ball from passing through the basket.

Article 16.1.2: The ball is considered to be within the basket when the slightest part of the ball is within the basket and below the level of the ring.

Outcome: Correct decision by the referees. Part of the ball was within the basket, and below the level of the ring, when White 72 touched it and thus preventing it from passing through the basket.

TC2: Telekom Baskets Bonn vs. MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg - Unsportsmanlike foul

White 22 starts a fast transition towards the opponents’ basket when the referees call an unsportsmanlike foul to Black 2. The Black team head coach requests a head coach challenge. After the review, the referees confirm the initial decision, unsportsmanlike foul committed by Black 2.

Article 37.1.1:  An unsportsmanlike foul is a player contact which, in the judgement of a referee is:
• An illegal contact caused by a player from behind or laterally on an opponent, who is progressing towards the opponent’s basket and with no opponents between the progressing player and the basket, and
•  the progressing player is in control of the ball, or
 the progressing player is attempting to gain control of the ball, or
• the ball has been released on a pass to the progressing player.
This applies until the offensive player starts his/her act of shooting.

Article 15.1.3: The act of shooting in a continuous movement on a drive to the basket or other moving shot:
• Starts when the ball has come to rest in the player’s hand(s), upon completion of a dribble or a catch in the air and the player begins, in the judgment of the referee, the shooting motion preceding the release of the ball for a goal.

Outcome:  Correct decision by the referees. Black 2 committed an illegal contact laterally on White 22, who was progressing towards the opponents’ basket with no other Black team player between White 22 and the basket and before the ball came to rest in White 72’s hands, that is, before he had started his act of shooting.  White 72 shall attempt 2 free throws with no line-up and then the White team shall be awarded a throw-in from the throw-in line in its frontcourt and 14 seconds on the shot clock.

TC3: Cholet Basket vs. Unicaja - Interference

White 13 receives the ball under the basket. Green 45 jumps and grasps the basket, making it vibrate before he hits White 13’s left arm. The referees call the foul and award 2 points to White 13 for an interference violation and 1 free throw.

Article 31.2.4: Interference occurs when:
• A player causes the basket to vibrate or grasps the basket in such a way that, in the judgement of a referee, the ball has been prevented from entering the basket or has been caused to enter the basket.

Outcome: Correct decision by the referees. Green 45 committed an interference violation, so the basket is valid. White 13 shall be awarded 2 points and he shall attempt 1 free throw.