17 October, 2023
05 May, 2024
6 Akos Keller (FAL), 9 Léopold Delaunay (MSB), 9 Zoltan Perl (FAL)
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BCL Fantasy tips: Brace yourselves, another Zoltan Perl week is coming

MIES (Switzerland) - The eighth Basketball Champions League season brought along a new challenge, in our official Fantasy game. Every Monday, we bring you some tips on where to aim so that you can reach the highest possible number of points on the week.

Whether you're fighting for honors in a private league, or in the public weekly and monthly challenges, or in the Regular Season, by now you already know what you have on your team. But we have some insight for you to help boost your chances in this specific week.


Learn from BCL history

Over the course of the BCL's seven-going-on-eight--year long history, we have witnessed players come and go, explode for a game or go ice cold for a month, but if there is one certainty over the past four seasons or so, it's happening in Hungary.

Zoltan Perl is a 28-year-old guard/forward/everything for the Hungarian champs Falco Vulcano Szombathely. Why? Well, not just because of what he's showing on the court, but also because he was born and raised right there, in Szombathely, with yellow-and-black ingrained in  his identity.

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He started his professional career way back in 2012, spent three seasons abroad with Capo d'Orlando and Treviso in Italy and with Estudiantes in Spain, but he's the best proof that there is no place like home.

Perl month

Perl returned to Falco in 2018, averaging 11.0 points per game in his first season back. He improved with each season, climbing to 18+ points per game from 2020 to 2023, and now creating even more noise, playing his career year in the Hungarian championship.

Perl is averaging 23.4 points in 25.1 minutes across seven games domestically, with back-to-back 30-point games in November. The most recent was this last weekend, a 31-point, 7-assist, 11-of-12 shooting performance against KTE Duna Aszfalt.

Why does he seem like a logical step to boost your BCL Fantasy team? Because he's got a game against Peristeri bwin on Tuesday, and he likes nothing better than playing against Greek teams.

Perl had 14 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists in the reverse fixture, and that could be considered as his worst game against teams from Greece. He's especially lethal when they face off in Hungary.

The Falco star had 21 points, 6 assists and rebounds in an 83-78 win over AEK back in October 2021. He also faced PAOK in October 2019, for an amazing stat line of 23 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and an efficiency rating of 29.

Efficiency is all that matters in this game, and Perl is at his most efficient right now. There is no such thing as a safe bet, but nobody should be surprised if he goes off for another typical 20-5-5 Perl game this week.