08 October, 2019
04 October, 2020
Basketball Champions League makes plan to enhance "fans-less" experience for the Final 8
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Basketball Champions League makes plan to enhance "fans-less" experience for the Final 8

MIES (Switzerland) - During the Final 8 taking place in Athens (September 30 to October 4), the Basketball Champions League will partner with CrowdAmp to offer a unique opportunity to all fans: record themselves cheering for their team and players during the broadcast. Fans will be able to interact remotely with their team through a digital experience. 

With the current scenario – where the need for technological innovations has increased due to the sanitary measures – the BCL is willing to enhance viewing experiences for fans and in-games experiences for players. With the adoption of this solution, the players that will compete in the Final 8 will be able to see fan cheers and hear their voices, directly in the arena.

Message your team, and cheer them on!

Players are so used to having their friends, families, and support staff in the arena. They look to them for motivation during the game. With the current restrictions, they can still have that support from their camp as well as fans through this virtual experience. By showing their colors and recording a cheering message, CrowdAmp offers a unique opportunity to any fan  to support their favorite team before and during the games by taking near real time reactions and get them into the venue. 


You are able to send your cheering to your team via the Basketball Champions League app (in the "More" menu). You can download the app here:


Technology takes over at the Final 8

Not only, the Basketball Champions League furthers innovation on sports engagement and content distribution by tabbing on Artifical Intelligence (AI). For the pinnacle event of the season, the BCL will also be partnering with Minute.ly, a Tel Aviv- and New York-based startup developing a platform that taps AI to enhance video content.

Basketball Champions League fans will be able to benefit from Minute.ly video preview generator alongside with other AI-powered tools, including Top Videos, which aggregates BCL's top-performing video articles and presents recommendations to viewers, and Automated Preview Video, which crafts teasers from existing clips.

This AI-driven technology solution will allow BCL to amplify the effects of videos, increasing user engagement and distribution, while automatically adapting the content to make it suitable and engaging across any medium, content platform, or technological frameworks that exist.