05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
33 Tomas Dimsa (TVB), Massimiliano Menetti (TVB)
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Round of 16 picture: Only one new name among the sweet sixteen

MIES (Switzerland) - The Play-In series have started with the new year. With each passing week, we are getting closer to all the answers before the Round of 16 group stage. Nutribullet Treviso are the new arrival after the games on January 18.

Reminder, second-placed teams are considered seeded teams, meaning they have home-court advantage in the Play-In Series.

Play-In status as of January 12

A2 Lenovo Tenerife v B3 Pinar Karsiyaka 1-1
B2 Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem v A3 Prometey 1-0

C2 JDA Dijon v D3 VEF Riga 1-0
D2 Nutribullet Treviso v C3 Lavrio Megabolt 2-0

E2 Igokea m:tel v F3 Filou Oostende 1-1
F2 SIG Strasbourg v E3 PAOK mateco 2-0

G2 Hapoel U-NET Holon v H3 Besiktas Icrypex 1-1
H2 Hereda San Pablo Burgos v G3 Darussafaka 1-1

Round of 16 groups as of January 18

Thanks to their Play-In series sweep over PAOK mateco, SIG Strasbourg were the first team to join the Round of 16, entering the group with Falco Szombathely and Rytas Vilnius.

Nutribullet Treviso eased away for two wins over Lavrio Megabolt, allowing them to move on to the Round of 16 in their first European season since forming the club back in 2012.

Group I

MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg*
Galatasaray Nef*
JDA Dijon (1-0 v VEF Riga)
Besiktas Icrypex or Hapoel U-NET Holon (1-1)

Group J

BAXI Manresa*
Tofas Bursa*
Nutribullet Treviso*
Hereda San Pablo Burgos or Darussafaka (1-1)

Group K

U-BT Cluj Napoca*
Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem (1-0 v Prometey)
Igokea m:tel or Filou Oostende (1-1)

Group L

Falco Szombathely*
Rytas Vilnius*
SIG Strasbourg*
Lenovo Tenerife or Pinar Karsiyaka (1-1)


The Round of 16 phase will be played in round robin, home and away, system from end of January to March. The first two teams in each group will qualify for the Quarter-Finals.

The Quarter-Finals will be played as best-of-3 series over the month of April, with the home advantage to the first-placed teams. The four winners will qualify for the Final Four.

A Final Four tournament will conclude the season. The four qualified teams will play over a weekend in early May, with the Semi-Finals on Friday and the Finals on Sunday.