04 October, 2022
14 May, 2023
BCL Marketing Workshop November 2022
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Basketball Champions League clubs introduced to new concepts in sixth Marketing Workshop

MIES (Switzerland) - The Basketball Champions League hosted the sixth edition of its now well-established Marketing Workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday, welcoming to the Patrick Baumann House of Basketball representatives of the clubs that participate in the 2022-23 Regular Season.

The workshop, aiming to provide clubs with insights into digital content creation and distribution trends, had this year a special focus on innovative concepts and techniques to enhance fan engagement.

"The structure and contents of our Marketing Workshop evolves with the times, and that's part of what makes it more and more valuable to our clubs year after year," Basketball Champions League CEO Patrick Comninos remarked.

"One component that doesn't change however, because it's what provides it with added value, is the emphasis we place on bringing the clubs together, strengthen collaboration so they can share knowledge and ideas with one another and also work hand in hand with us to help the competition grow further. This has always been after all a competition driven by the clubs, for the clubs."

WSC Sports Business Development Manager Ben Mirvis and Account Manager Arie Gellman kicked off the workshop by unveiling content creation tools that make use of the artificial intelligence-driven sports video technology platform.

MyFavorito CEO and co-founder Dirk Schlenzig presented an innovative, fan-based approach to sponsorship while Unicaja Malaga Sales and Social Marketing Director José Carlos Gaspar Romero shared sponsorship strategy tips from his 30-year long experience.

"We wrote down at least five main ideas that I can't say for sure we are going to implement, but we're definitely going to try to find out whether and how they can work for us," commented Rytas Vilnius Sales and Marketing Manager Petras Jasiunas.

"We have so many more connections to the other clubs now and we're already thinking about joint projects, especially about game promotion. For example, we have an upcoming game with Peristeri bwin and we agreed with them to promote it through Vasilis Spanoulis."

Hapoel Jerusalem Head of Communications Roi Cohen stressed that every edition leads to new discoveries. "This was a very fruitful and engaging workshop and my main takeaway is the importance of adapting content to the different social media platforms, but we also found new ways to utilize the video content the BCL is providing us with," he said.

"I also really liked the presentation of Jose Carlos [Unicaja] because there are a lot of similarities between our two clubs and it was so interesting to compare challenges and approaches between Malaga and Jerusalem."

The Spanish club's presentation was particularly thought-provoking also for Darussafaka Event and Sponsorship Manager Gözde Tezbıkmaz.

"The Unicaja presentation was very insightful, Jose gave me a new perspective on sponsorship which can hopefully mean there is a new revenue stream for my club. It was a really useful and effective workshop. I took so many notes to bring back and use with our digital and marketing team," she commented.

Bilbao Basket's Olatz Sarasola echoed the sentiment. "The aim of the workshop is to help the clubs improve and it's a great way to improve in our work. I think we already do a lot of things but after talking with the colleagues here I am pretty sure we will be able to implement a few new things," she said.

SL Benfica are well-versed in European competitions in other sports but debutants in the BCL, which made the workshop a must-attend event. "I already had during the workshop a couple of ideas about new ways to promote the games and bring the fanbase together," said Diogo Canas, the Portuguese club's Head of Social Media.

"It's always good to play in a top European competition, so for us it's very important to be in the BCL. There are definitely similarities - in promoting the games or in game coverage - with the other sports where our club plays in Europe."


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