05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Week 5 Wednesday Round of 16 games preview

MIES (Switzerland) - A busy day of the Round of 16 awaits on Wednesday March 16 with a five-game slate, where all the teams will be meeting their respective opponents for the second and final time in group play.

Here's a look at the five games scheduled for Wednesday:

Game 1: Darussafaka (2-2) vs. BAXI Manresa (3-1) - Group J

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

When: 20:00 CET


Points per game: Gabe Olaseni 13.8
Rebounds per game: Gabe Olaseni 6.2
Assists per game: Troy Caupain 5.3
Steals per game: Dogus Ozdemiroglu 2.7
Blocks per game: Nathan Boothe 0.7

  • Darussafaka have won their last three home games in the BCL, as many wins as they have recorded in their previous six home games in the competition; they have won their most recent game in the league (75-74 vs. Tofas Bursa) and will try to win consecutive games in the BCL only for the second time.
  • Troy Caupain has scored 15+ points in each of his last three BCL games, as many times in his first 23 games in the competition; he has made a total of nine three-pointers in his last three games after making 10 shots from behind the arc in his previous 10 games this season.

Points per game: Luke Maye 13.7
Rebounds per game: Ismael Bako 7.2
Assists per game: Dani Perez 4.2
Steals per game: Joe Thomasson 1.2
Blocks per game: Ismael Bako 1.1

  • Manresa have lost only one of their last five away games in the BCL, after losing five of the previous seven; however, their last defeat in the competition came in Turkey, 68-74 against Tofas.
  • Manresa have had the most possessions per game of any team in the BCL this season (77.6); they have scored the most points (85.5) and the most free-throws per game (17.0) in the league in 2021-22.
  • Joe Thomasson has scored exactly 16 points in each of his last two games with Manresa in the BCL after scoring 16+ points in just two of his previous seven games in the competition; Thomasson has scored 53% of his attempted three-pointers in his last three league games (7/13).

Game 2: Tofas Bursa (3-1) vs. Nutribullet Treviso (0-4) - Group J

Where: Bursa, Turkey

When: 20:00 CET


Points per game: Tyler Ennis 14.8
Rebounds per game: Jeremy Simmons 5.7
Assists per game: Berk Ugurlu 4.4
Steals per game: Kasey Shepherd 1.5
Blocks per game: Jeremy Simmons 0.9

  • Tofas won 92-51 the last game against Treviso, the biggest win for a team in the BCL this season; it was also the biggest win for a Turkish side in the history of the competition.
  • Tofas have lost five of their six BCL games played in March (4 in 2021, 1 in 2022); in fact, 56% of their defeats in the competition came in that month (5/9); they have suffered their biggest defeat in the competition the only previous time they hosted an Italian team, 72-91 against Happy Casa Brindisi in March 2021.
  • Tyler Ennis scored 21 points in his last BCL game, against Darussafaka, his most points in the competition; however, his teams have lost three of their four BCL games where he was a starter but won each of the three games where he came off the bench.


Points per game: Henry Sims 16.2
Rebounds per game: Henry Sims 7.4
Assists per game: DeWayne Russell 4.6
Steals per game: DeWayne Russell 1.1
Blocks per game: Henry Sims 1.6

  • Treviso have lost each of their last four games in the BCL, after losing only two of their initial eight games in the competition; they have conceded 100+ points in each of their last two BCL games after conceding on average only 78 points per game in their previous 10.
  • Henry Sims has scored more than 20 points in two of his last three appearances with Treviso in the BCL, after doing it so in only one of his previous six games in the competition; Sims is averaging 20.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 4.3 assists in his last three games in the BCL.

Game 3: MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg (2-1) vs. Hapoel U-NET Holon (2-2) - Group I

Where: Ludwigsburg, Germany

When: 20:00 CET


Points per game: Justin Simon 15.6
Rebounds per game: Justin Simon 7.4
Assists per game: Jonah Radebaugh 3.6
Steals per game: Justin Simon 1.9
Blocks per game: Justin Simon 1.3

  • Ludwigsburg have won their most recent BCL game (84-72 vs. JDA Dijon) but have been alternating between wins and losses in their last seven games in the competition; eight of Ludwigsburg's nine BCL games this season have ended with a differential of more than 10 points.
  • Tremmell Darden has scored 15 points in his most recent game with MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg in the BCL, despite playing only 12 minutes and 29 seconds; however, he is yet to score 15+ points in consecutive games in the competition.

Points per game: Chris Johnson 14.7
Rebounds per game: Chris Johnson 5.6
Assists per game: Joe Ragland 7.9
Steals per game: Chris Johnson 1.5
Blocks per game: Michale Kyser 1.5

  • Holon have won six of their seven home games in the BCL in 2021-22, continuing their streak of more home wins than in any of their previous four seasons in the competition.
  • Joe Ragland dished out 14 assists in the first meeting against Ludwigsburg, more than any player in a BCL game this season; he has more than five assists in his last 16 BCL games.

Game 4: Filou Oostende (0-2) vs. Unicaja (2-1) - Group K

Where: Oostende, Belgium

When: 20:00 CET


Points per game: Levi Randolph 17.1
Rebounds per game: Amida Brimah 6.8
Assists per game: Dusan Djordjevic 4.2
Steals per game: Demitrius Conger 1.0
Blocks per game: Amida Brimah 2.8

  • Oostende have alternated between wins and losses in their eight home games in the BCL since the beginning of last season, losing the most recent one 87-91 vs. Prometey (who later withdrew from the competition); they have won each of their four home games played against Spanish teams in the competition.
  • Dusan Djordjevic made a double-double in his last BCL game (11pts, 11ast v Prometey), becoming the oldest player to register a double-double in the competition (38y 318d); Oostende were already the team with the youngest player to date registering a double-double in points and assists in the BCL history (Keye van der Vuurst de Vries, 18y 317d in November 2020 vs. San Pablo Burgos).

Points per game: Cameron Oliver 19.0
Rebounds per game: Cameron Oliver 9.0
Assists per game: Jaime Fernandez 4.5
Steals per game: Jaime Fernandez 1.4
Blocks per game: Dejan Kravic 2.0

  • Unicaja have won their last game in the BCL (86-70 vs. U-BT Cluj Napoca) but have not won consecutive games in the competition since winning their first three BCL games; they have won their six games where they scored 75+ points and lost the four games where they failed to reach that tally.
  • Unicaja have conceded on average the fewest points from fast break (5.6) and from second chance situations (7.2) per game in the BCL this season; on the other hand, among the teams still competing, Oostende have the lowest average of points scored from fast break (6.8 per game) and the third lowest average of second chance points (9.6).
  • Axel Bouteille scored 21 points in his last BCL game, his most in the competition, but no French player has managed to score 20+ points in consecutive games this season in the BCL and no French player has ever scored 20+ points in a BCL game against Oostende.

Game 5: JDA Dijon (2-2) vs. Galatasaray Nef (1-2) - Group I

Where: Dijon, France

When: 20:30 CET


Points per game: Rashard Kelly 13.4
Rebounds per game: Rashard Kelly 7.7
Assists per game: David Holston 6.3
Steals per game: David Holston 1.9
Blocks per game: Jacques Alingue 1.0

Dijon's Gavin Ware is a player who has made the most of his time on the court. The chart below shows players that have played more than six games and average less than 20 minutes per game. Ware is leading the way with a Player Impact Estimate (PIE) of 7.93.

PIE estimates the number of times a player has a decisive impact on the end of a possession, in both a positive and negative way and then shows it as a percentage of the total in the game. As a reminder, PIE won't tell you who was the best player in the game, and it won't tell you who was the most efficient. It will give you a pretty solid estimate for which players have important roles for their teams and impact the game in multiple ways.


Points per game: DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell 18.6
Rebounds per game: DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell 5.7
Assists per game: Dee Bost 5.4
Steals per game: DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell 2.1
Blocks per game: Sadik Kabaca, Ege Arar 0.6

  • Galatasaray have lost their most recent away game in the BCL (89-98 at Hapoel U-NET Holon) but have been alternating between wins and losses in their four games on the road this season; Galatasaray have conceded more than 80 points in each of their seven away games in BCL.
  • Galatasaray have scored 23.7 points per game in the first quarter, the most of any team in the first 10 minutes of the game in the BCL in 2021-22; however, Ludwigsburg have conceded only 15 points per game in that quarter, the fewest amongst all teams.
  • Dee Bost has combined for 14+ points and 5+ assists in five of his last six appearances with Galatasaray in the BCL, with the Turkish side losing the only game in that span in which he didn’t (8 pts, 4 ast vs. Dijon); Bost is one of only three players averaging 15+ points and 5+ assists per game in the BCL this season.