05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Basketball Champions League to introduce Monday "Game of the Week"

MIES (Switzerland) -  With the aim to increase the promotion of the Basketball Champions League and the clubs that participate in it, the BCL is introducing the "BCL Game of The Week".

This game will be played on a Monday and will be the only BCL game on that day, providing unique content from one of the most exciting games of that gameday.

The BCL, together with its TV & Media Partners, is preparing exclusive coverage and promotion of these games. The “BCL Game of the Week” is selected in close cooperation with the clubs and their respective National Leagues, in order to safeguard minimal disruptions to the overall schedule.

The first BCL Game of the Week will feature current BCL winners, Hereda San Pablo Burgos, that will open the BCL 2021-22 season at home vs. Besiktas Icrypex, on Monday October 4.