20 October, 2020
09 May, 2021
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Vote now: Only two candidates remaining in the Dunk of the Season contest

MIES (Switzerland) - The 2020-21 season of the Basketball Champions League is behind us. Before Season Six starts, we have a window of opportunity to reflect on the best dunks of the last campaign.

Our panel of experts narrowed the race down to 16 best dunks of Season Five, and from then on, it was up to you, the fans and the followers, to decide who had the biggest throwdown of them all. The voting takes place on our Instagram and Twitter channels, and we will update the bracket after each round..

The Quarter-Finals voting took place on Thursday, the Semi-Finals on Friday and the Final matchup goes on over the weekend.

Final: Rasheed Sulaimon v Tyrus McGee



Who will get your vote? Head on to Instagram.com/BasketballCL and Twitter.com/BasketballCL to send your favorite on to the next round!