20 October, 2020
09 May, 2021
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Basketball Champions League Fits: Vote for the most beautiful jersey in the League!

MIES (Switzerland) - The Basketball Champions League season is on a break while the players have joined their national teams. But one contest will still be on, even with the clubs resting on the sidelines.

We are giving you a chance to say something about the looks of the teams. With 32 contestants in here, we've got the complete bracket ready for your votes, as you get a chance to pick the best jersey of the Basketball Champions League in 2020-21.

Is it the classical black-and-yellow of AEK? Is it the superhero Tofas Bursa outfit? Do you prefer the all new looks of the 2020 champs Hereda San Pablo Burgos? Or are you more of an old-school fan with Limoges throwback pinstriped yellow?

There is no wrong answer here. We will give you a chance to vote on our Social Media channels, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates!