20 September, 2018
01 January, 2019
Basketball Champions League welcomes Venue Managers
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Basketball Champions League welcomes Venue Managers

MIES, Switzerland (Basketball Champions League) - The Basketball Champions League hosted its third Venue Managers Workshop from Wednesday to Thursday at the House of Basketball.

The get-together enabled everyone to share experiences and ideas from the first two seasons and to begin the planning regarding the broadcast production and on-site operations for the forthcoming season.

Twenty-six Venue Managers from 15 different countries attended the two-day event. Various case studies, debriefing, procedures and experiences were reviewed in preparation for the new season.

"It was great to have so many Venue Managers here in Mies," said Patrick Comninos, CEO of the Basketball Champions League. "We have truly valued their on-site contribution for the first two seasons as they are an integral part in the successful delivery of the competition. It is very encouraging to see the enthusiasm with which all Venue Managers approach the new season which already promises to be an exciting one."

Basketball Champions League works with FIBA Media and market-leading sports media company Perform to produce all games (300 games during this 2018-19 third season) to the highest technical standards and production values. The investment in quality ensures the clubs and the competition benefits from the best possible domestic and international TV and digital media exposure.