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Power Rankings: Besiktas Sompo Japan timing their run to perfection

MIES (Switzerland) - Thirteen gamedays are behind us in the Basketball Champions League, and you can find out how your favorite team is doing by clicking the Standings tab. However, it's not all about W's and L's, as we take you through the Power Rankings, with domestic championships also taken into consideration.


Con te partiro... su navi per mari... che io lo so no... non esistono piu... it's time to say goodbye...
(Opava enter the final week of their Basketball Champions League run as a one-hit wonder, like Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman and their collaboration on Time To Say Goodbye. Season record: 13-24.)


It's been fun having you around, Petrol Olimpija! Best of luck to you in your title defense in the Slovenian League, and the battles ahead of you in the Adriatic ABA League, too. Hope to have you back next season, we'll share a laugh or two. Season record: 16-34.


It's been fun having you around, Fribourg Olympic! Best of luck to you in your title defense in the Swiss League. Hope to have you back next season, we'll share a laugh or two. Season record: 20-1-13.


MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, I believed in you all the way. There were glimpses of last season's MHP in your game, but it was just not meant to be this time around the sun. Stay cool in Germany, get that ticket back to this League, maybe we can recreate some kind of 2017-18 defensive pressure again, okay? Season record: 12-20.


MONTAKIT FUENLABRADA FINALLY WON A GAME! Their five game losing streak in all competitions is no more, Fuenla are in double digits in the W column for the season after a 93-92 win over Estudiantes, and it would be awesome if they finished the Regular Season here by putting the 10-game losing streak in the Basketball Champions League behind them, too. Season record: 10-22.


We will miss the love and passion of Anwil fans, for sure! Keep an eye on the Polish Championship this season, anything could happen over there...but having Igor Milicic at the helm puts Anwil in a really good position to win back-to-back titles, right? Right. Season record: 18-14.


A bit of bad luck with the draw and the injuries, and medi Bayreuth end their campaign without a chance to gun down some of the big guys in the Play-Offs. But same goes for them as for Anwil, again, they've got a brilliant one in Raoul Korner, you just know they will be back again. Season record: 15-1-17.


JDA Dijon had a chance to advance up until last week, when they learned that the Telenet Giants Antwerp are a hit for a reason. And they hit them early on, leaving the Frenchmen without the aforementioned chance to advance. Focusing on the crowded French League the rest of the way will now be a bit easier. Season record: 15-17.


Lietkabelis on Gameday 1: Tarolis, Pilepic, Ezerskis, Kulvietis, Jasaitis, Lipkevicius, Morrison, Mavra, Wilson, Kupsas, Valinskas. Coach Kadziulis. 
Lietkabelis on Gameday 13: Tarolis, Sinovec, Dimec, Kulvietis, Jasaitis, Rubstavicius, Cakarevic, Wilson, Kupsas, Valinskas. Coach Canak.
All the changes did not help here, Lietkabelis are down and out. But at least they are above .500 domestically. Season record: 17-17.


CEZ Nymburk need to win on the last Gameday and hope that Dijon and Lietkabelis don't both win. Or, they could lose, and hope that Dijon will win and Lietkabelis will lose - those are the combinations that would send a team that's 22-0 in the Czech League to the FIBA Europe Cup Play-Offs. Season record: 28-9.


Although Ventspils can't advance to the Round of 16 here, a win over Avellino would send them to the FIBA Europe Cup Play-Offs. Or, they could lose, but then Anwil needs to lose, too. Season record: 24-9.


Could Telekom Baskets Bonn become the 2019 version of 2018 Umana Reyer Venezia? The Italians only just missed out on the Play-Offs last season, but went on to win the FIBA Europe Cup. Telekom Baskets Bonn will only just miss out this time around, and move on to the FIBA Europe Cup Play-Offs. Chance to go all the way and get a European trophy back home... Season record: 16-17.


It's not looking good for Sidigas Avellino. They were rolling on a seven-game winning streak, but lost six in a row since. And with a game away at Ventspils on the last Gameday, the Wolves could be out of the Play-Offs, too, after looking like a team that could go all the way early on in the campaign. Season record: 18-13.


Nizhny Novgorod have a lot of combinations on their hands ahead of this week's program. They win, Le Mans win, Avellino lose - they are third. They win, Avellino wins, Le Mans lose - they are third. They lose, Le Mans wins - they are out... Calculators will be out on Tuesday. Season record: 21-15.


The French champs showed up when it mattered most. Now it's time for Le Mans to clinch a Play-Off ticket at the buzzer, a win over Anwil combined with Avellino's defeat could send them to third seed. A win over Anwil combined with Avellino's win would keep them in fourth spot. A defeat to Anwil combined with Avellino's win and Nizhny's win would keep the Frenchmen out of the Round of 16... Season record: 14-16.


SIG Strasbourg channeled their inner Avril Lavigne and went and made things so complicated. But at least an impressive triumph against Segafredo Virtus Bologna kept them alive - a win over Oostende combined with Neptunas' defeat to Bayreuth is the only combination that could get the French juggernauts back to the Play-Offs. Season record: 16-14.


Man, how expensive could that Gameday 1 defeat to the hands of one-hit wonder Opava get!? Despite excelling for most of the season, Nanterre 92 find themselves in a position of having to win away at Holon to qualify for the Play-Offs. Coming into the game on two straight close defeats, to Venezia and Monaco, while Holon took down Maccabi Tel Aviv at the same time... Season record: 20-13.


Neptunas Klaipeda need a minor miracle to get to the Round of 16 - a win over Bayreuth paired up with a Strasbourg win away at Oostende. If that doesn't happen, Neptunas will join the 2008 Golden State Warriors and the 2014 Phoenix Suns as the best teams to miss Play-Offs. Season record: 23-1-11.


UNET HOLON WITH A BANG! All they need to do to advance is to beat Nanterre again. And coming off of a huge win over Maccabi Tel Aviv, their confidence is peaking, DeQuan Jones, Corey Walden and others will be ready to fight for 40+ minutes against the French squad. Season record: 21-11.


Let's just not talk about what happened against Promitheas in the Greek League, okay? PAOK have done their part on the court, now it's up to you to #KeepPAOKalive all around the world. Season record: 20-11.


UCAM Murcia are outside of the Top 10 simply because they are 5-14 in the Spanish League, spending time in the relegation zone. Season record: 18-16.


Don't worry about your drop out of the Top 10, Filou Oostende. It's all up to you, a win over SIG Strasbourg takes you to the Play-Offs for the first time ever. And you belong there, being the perennial Belgian champs... Season Record: 22-9.


Promitheas Patras blew one at home last week. But get this, a win by 11+ points over Bologna, plus a defeat for Besiktas would give them the first seed in Friday's Play-Off draw! Got back to winning ways with a comfy win over PAOK over the weekend. Season record: 20-11.


Banvit's eight-game winning streak ended with an L to Gaziantep on Sunday. But they are just two games behind Play-Off spots in Turkey, with a lot of games coming up - that's just an amazing turnaround after the 0-5 start domestically. They will be the second seed out of Group A no matter what happens on Tuesday. Season record: 14-13.


Telenet Giants Antwerp are the boxing champions of the Basketball Champions League. Season record: 24-11.


Their defeat to Jerusalem last week means one thing - all the second seeded teams will nervously look at Brose Bamberg's logo in the Play-Offs draw on Friday. They can't finish higher or lower than third in the group, meaning somebody else's above average Regular Season will be tested already in the Round of 16... Season record: 23-10.


Besiktas Sompo Japan are the hottest at the finest of moments! And after their early season struggles, Dusko Ivanovic's boys may end up winning the group, if they defeat Olimpija and Promitheas beats Bologna by 3 to 34 points difference. The Black Eagles are flying high at a perfect time, which is ironic, because they usually had strong Regular Seasons and horrible Play-Offs in here. Maybe this season is the yin to their yangs... Season record: 16-13.


How unlucky are the guys from Segafredo Virtus Bologna!? They lost the last two Basketball Champions League games on last second shots, so it made no sense to move them lower in the rankings, honestly. If they beat Promitheas on Wednesday, they win the group. Season record: 19-12.


Here's one for you: Umana Reyer Venezia + Basketball Champions League + Jeff Taylor calling the game for LiveBasketball.tv = Overtime drama. Well, the drama kings of the competition have done it again, they are 5-1 in OT games in last two seasons of the Basketball Champions League, 3-0 this time around. Season record: 22-9.


Iberostar Tenerife's season has been unreal. In fact, I'm picking them to win the Copa del Rey this season! Why not, they have already beaten Barcelona, Unicaja and Valencia this season, and those are the three teams in their part of the Final Eight bracket... Season record: 20-8.


Let's just skip the formalities and allow Vince Hunter to take a bow, again. AEK's big guy is the hot favorite to win the MVP of the Season award, especially after his back-to-back MVP of the Week awards... Season record: 23-8.


How impressive have Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem been in their first season? So impressive that they need to score just 12 more points in their last game to become the highest scoring Regular Season team of all time in the Basketball Champions League. However, their lead in the Power Rankings is the only lead they enjoy here, because AEK are still ahead of them in the Group C standings. Last chance to change that! Season record: 25-8.

*The power rankings are entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking systems. All comments are purely those of the author.

Igor Curkovic

Igor Curkovic

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