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Last Power Rankings of the season: Winners in Top Four ahead of the Final Four

MIES (Switzerland) - Play-Offs are here! Time to find the hottest team of the eight with our Power Rankings -  domestic championships are also taken into consideration.


Team: Nizhny Novgorod
Season record: 29-20
Current form: Lost 2 straight
Last Power Ranking: 6
Is there a way back against Antwerp? Especially in Belgium? The Giants are 18-4 at home this season, so we could be saying goodbye to the black and white Russian squad. Although, if that Ismael Bako injury proves to be serious, then we could be in for a 40-minute-long battle in Antwerp.


Team: Segafredo Virtus Bologna
Season record: 24-1-18
Current form: Lost 2 straight
Last Power Ranking: 5
Not the best timing in the world to lose back-to-back games, but you know that Bologna crowd will be there in numbers on Wednesday to try and reach the Final Four. With Fortitudo winning promotion back to Serie A, the black-and-white part of the city now needs something to celebrate and rub it back in the face of rival fans in Basket City.


Team: Iberostar Tenerife
Season record: 26-18
Current form: Lost 8 of last 9
Last Power Ranking: 8
Lord... Tenerife are in a struggle. They looked good against Real Madrid, had a chance to make it a contest late in the fourth quarter on Sunday, but it wasn't to be and now they are in danger of missing the Play-Offs in Spain... There is a simple panacea for this poison, though. A win by three points on Wednesday, and the closing months of the season would look much brighter again.


Team: AEK
Season record: 32-10
Current form: Won 11 of last 13
Last Power Ranking: 1
I have no idea how I ended up with AEK in fifth. Just because they lost the first leg to Bamberg? Man, they still feel like the team to beat in this season's Basketball Champions League. They still look like number one. But they lost the first game, and I have to respect the four winners of first legs and place them 1-4. Anyway, AEK v Bamberg will be probably the best game ever played in this competition. Tell a friend.


Team: Nanterre 92
Season record: 28-16
Current form: Won 7 of last 8
Last Power Ranking: 7
Jeremy Senglin for MVP of the Season award? He's averaging 14.1 points, 3.2 rebounds, 2.9 assists per game, but the numbers don't paint the real picture about his importance to Nanterre's success. The only question will be his fatigue, with 76 of possible 80 minutes played against Besiktas and now 37 against Bologna... But hey, he's from Weber State, just ask Damian Lillard about the resilience they get over there.


Team: Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem
Season record: 36-10
Current form: Won 9 straight in the Basketball Champions League
Last Power Ranking: 4
Is +2 enough to feel confident about the trip to Tenerife? Well, the good news for coach Oded Kattache is that his team will be going in for the kill, trying to win the game, instead of protecting a bigger lead, which proved dangerous numerous times before in this competition.


Team: Telenet Giants Antwerp
Season record: 35-13
Current form: Won 11 of last 12!
Last Power Ranking: 3
I voted for Roel Moors in the Help-Side Column. Antwerp with a test of maturity on Wednesday, as they rise to a season-high Power Ranking of #2! Completely deserved, when you win 11 of your last 12 games in all competitions, you get the love from our side.


Team: Brose Bamberg
Season record: 34-11
Current form: Won 12 of last 13!!!
Last Power Ranking: 2
Brose Bamberg are the hottest team of the eight remaining in the Basketball Champions League! They did see their 12-game winning streak snapped on Sunday, avoiding the ever-unlucky number 13, but they still are in a good shape to go all the way in Germany and the Basketball Champions League. The biggest test of the season coming up, as Bamberg visit the black-and-yellow hell at OAKA. Survive, and you become number one candidates to win the most beautiful trophy out there!

*The power rankings are entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking systems. All comments are purely those of the author.

Igor Curkovic

Igor Curkovic

Igor Curkovic is a Basketball Champions League writer and editor since day one of the competition, specializing in Power Rankings and his Takeaways on Gamedays. When he's not covering basketball, he's probably watching a Hajduk Split game somewhere.