09 October, 2018
05 May, 2019
35 Tashawn Thomas (JER)
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Hapoel Jerusalem with the points record and 13 other facts you might have missed this week

MIES (Switzerland) - The Basketball Champions League Regular Season is just behind us. The perfect time to have a look a some key facts to take away after this week's games.


  • Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem have scored 1265 points, best tally for a team in a BCL Regular Season.
  • Iberostar Tenerife have now won 14 consecutive games away from home in BCL, longest winning run among all teams playing away from home in BCL history.
  • Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem have won 12 games this season, joint-best tally for a team in its first BCL Regular Season after Besiktas Sompo Japan and Monaco in 2016/17.
  • Ventspils and Sidigas Avellino combined for 208 points, the second highest scoring game in BCL this season - Umana Reyer Venezia and UNET Holon have combined for 215 points in Gameday 2.
  • AEK have won 12 games this season, first time that a Greek team manages to win 10+ games in a BCL Regular season.
  • SIG Strasbourg have scored 100 points for the first time in a BCL game. Only Umana Reyer Venezia (6) have played more BCL games with overtime than SIG Strasbourg (5).
  • Montakit Fuenlabrada have lost their last 11 games, current longest losing streak in BCL.

TEAMS HIGH - Week 14

Efficiency 126  Ventspils  Sidigas Avellino
Points 106   Ventspils  Sidigas Avellino
FG Made 37   Ventspils  Sidigas Avellino
FG Attempted 76   Le Mans  Anwil
FG% 62%   Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem  JDA Dijon
2P Made 26   SIG Strasbourg  Filou Oostende
2P Attempted 48   Filou Oostende  SIG Strasbourg
  48  Promitheas Patras  Segafredo Virtus Bologna
2P% 70%   Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem  JDA Dijon
3P Made 16   Sidigas Avellino  Ventspils
3P Attempted 41   Opava  Telekom Baskets Bonn
3P% 53%  Lietkabelis  Montakit Fuenlabrada
FT Made 24   Neptunas Klaipeda  medi Bayreuth
FT Attempted 36   Segafredo Virtus Bologna  Promitheas Patras
FT% 100%   Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem  JDA Dijon
Off. Reb 15   Le Mans  Anwil
Def. Reb 36   Promitheas Patras  Segafredo Virtus Bologna
Total Reb 44   3 teams  -
Assists 28   Iberostar Tenerife  PAOK
Most Turnovers 22   Banvit  UCAM Murcia
Fewest Turnovers  JDA Dijon  Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem
Steals 14   Besiktas Sompo Japan  Petrol Olimpija
Blocks  Segafredo Virtus Bologna  Promitheas Patras
Bench PTS 57   Promitheas Patras  Segafredo Virtus Bologna
PTS from TO 26   JDA Dijon  Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem
Fast Break PTS 20   Segafredo Virtus Bologna  Promitheas Patras
2nd Chance PTS 21   SIG Strasbourg  Filou Oostende
PTS in the Paint 48   Promitheas Patras  Segafredo Virtus Bologna



  • AEK's Vince Hunter is the only player this season to have had an Efficiency rating of at least +25 (26 tonight) in four consecutive BCL games.
  • AEK's Vince Hunter has scored 262 points, most than any other player in the Regular Season 2018/19.
  • SIG Strasbourg's Mike Green has registered his second double-double in 45 BCL games, after the one with AEK last season in Gameday 9. His 12 assists tonight are both his personal best and the best for a Strasbourg player in a BCL game.
  • Ventspils' Aaron Johnson has dished more assists than any other player in a BCL Regular Season ever (105).
  • Ventspils' Rihard Lomazs has now scored 20+ points in three of his 31 appearances in BCL history. He has scored in double-digits in each of the 12 games he has played for Ventspils this season, after scoring 10+ points in only three of his previous 19 games in BCL.
  • Sidigas Avellino's Caleb Green scored 39 points against Ventspils: only his teammate Keifer Sykes has scored more points in a single BCL game this season (45 vs Banvit).
  • Sidigas Avellino's Keifer Sykes is only the fourth player this season combining for 25+ points and 8+ assists in a single BCL game.


Efficiency 38   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino  Ventspils
Points 39   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
Bench PTS 24   Aaron Broussard  Anwil  Le Mans
FG Made 11   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
  11 Keifer Sykes Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
FG Attempted 22   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
2P Made 10   Vladimir Dragicevic  Nizhny Novgorod  MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg
2P Attempted 16   Vladimir Dragicevic  Nizhny Novgorod  MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg
3P Made  Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
3P Attempted 12   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
FT Made 11   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
FT Attempted 13   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils
Off. Reb  TJ Cline  UNET Holon  Nanterre 92
Def. Reb 11   Terell Parks  Promitheas Patras  Segafredo Virtus Bologna
  11  Josh Owens  Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem   JDA Dijon
Total Reb 14   Terell Parks  Promitheas Patras  Segafredo Virtus Bologna
Assists 12   Mike Green  SIG Strasbourg  Filou Oostende
Turnovers  Alex Perez  Banvit  UCAM Murcia
Steals  Kendrick Perry  Nizhny Novgorod  MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg
Blocks  14 players  -  -
Minutes 45:00   Caleb Green  Sidigas Avellino   Ventspils