09 October, 2018
05 May, 2019
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Basketball Champions League hosts Club Marketing & Digital Workshop

MIES (Switzerland) - For a second consecutive year, the Basketball Champions League hosted a Club Marketing & Digital Workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday at the House of Basketball.

All participating teams were invited to this workshop that highlighted some key marketing concepts and offered cutting-edge insights on ticketing strategy, media, digital, fan experience and engagement. 

"It is a great pleasure to welcome our participating clubs here at the House of Basketball for this Club Marketing  & Digital Workshop," said Patrick Comninos, CEO of the Basketball Champions League. "The main objective of such a workshop is to align all stakeholders on digital, marketing and ticketing aspects, but also to emphasize all media and communication services offered to our clubs. This type of meeting is part of a larger effort to grow our community, gain experience and develop the competition together."

An assessment shared by our participating teams. "Such a workshop is really important because we can listen to the opinions of the other clubs, discuss with them. Each and every club can learn and teach something," said Marina Ronchi, from Segafredo Virtus Bologna.

"Being active on digital is paramount for Virtus Bologna, as we are big name in European basketball. Indeed, that’s our return in Europe after 10 years and we need to show that we're here."

Tom Chick, Head of Strategy for LiveWire Sport, was among the speakers and presented a digital footprint analysis of the participating clubs. LiveWire Sport being the digital strategists behind World Rugby, NFL, Premier League or Wimbledon, a comprehensive best practice guide on social networks was also presented to the participants, as well as an evaluation on clubs' digital performance.  

“Getting the 32 clubs together and being able to share their knowledge with each other is probably the most important thing for holding such a workshop. Being able to kind of learn from what other people within basketball are doing and learn from outside of the sport. The knowledge is already there, it’s all about sharing," said Tom Chick.

“Digital is a very fragmented and competitive market and the disruption around is rife. It can be quite confusing and scary to get into. But there is success to have."

Richard Ayers, CEO of Seven League and former Head of Digital for Manchester City FC, was also present to share various case studies and the way digital communication is managed. The main topics of discussion were related to fan-base growth, day to day strategy and operations, and the digital content on both gamedays and non-gamedays.