19 September, 2017
06 May, 2018
Basketball Champions League hosts its first Club Marketing Workshop
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Basketball Champions League hosts its first Club Marketing Workshop

MIES, Switzerland (Basketball Champions League) - The Basketball Champions League hosted its first-ever Club Marketing Workshop on Wednesday at the House of Basketball. All participating teams were invited to this workshop that highlighted some key marketing concepts and offered cutting-edge insights on ticket strategy, media, digital, fan experience and engagement. 

"It is a great pleasure to welcome our participating clubs here in Mies for the first-ever Club Marketing Workshop," said Patrick Comninos, CEO of the Basketball Champions League. "The main objectives of such workshop are to align all stakeholders on operational, sponsoring and commercial aspects for this second season of the competition, but also to present all media and communication services offered to our clubs. This type of meeting is part of a larger effort to grow our community, gain experience and develop the competition together."

An assessment shared by our participating teams. "These kinds of workshops are very useful because we have the chance to exchange information with all the European clubs that participate in the Basketball Champions League. We can also give our contribution in terms of opinions, problems, matters concerning the commercial parts and TV coverage," said Francesco Rigo from Umana Reyer Venezia.

Fiona Hampton, Head of Commercial and Marketing for Ulster Rugby, was among the speakers and shared the successful marketing solutions put in place by the Irish club to grow substantially their commercial and marketing revenues, and develop their fan engagement. "In terms of the rugby set-up that I worked in, it’s actually quite similar in terms of size of the stadium or potential fan base. I have also experienced some of their issues, playing across tournaments that the Basketball Champions League is currently experiencing. So I am happy to have brought some of the experiences that we have built up, notably towards our fan base, and the experience across the two tournaments we play in to some of the clubs today," she said.