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06 May, 2018
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10 things you need to know before MHP Riesen vs AS Monaco

MIES, Switzerland (Basketball Champions League) - The first Semi-Final of the Basketball Champions League second season will see the German side MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg face the French AS Monaco. Among all the players who will compete in Athens, only Amara Sy, Bangaly Fofana and Sergii Gladyr have already taken part in a Basketball Champions League Final Four. 

Here are the ten things you need to know about the two teams before the first Semi-Final tips off in Athens on Friday 4 May.

  • Monaco are the only team among the four remaining to have already taken part in a Basketball Champions League Final Four. They lost in Semi-Final last season against Banvit, before winning the bronze medal game.
  • MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg are the first team to reach the Final Four despite having played the three rounds of qualifications at the beginning of the season.
  • Monaco have won 17 of their last 19 Basketball Champions League games. They have lost their last game though (v Banvit 74-75), but have never lost two games in a row in the competition.
  • MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg have lost two of their last three Basketball Champions League games, both after leading at half-time. However, they have won their last eight BCL games played far from their home court.
  • Monaco have scored 84.7 points per game this season, more than any other team. They are one of the two teams to have scored more than 50% of their FG attempted (51.2%).
  • MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg have conceded only 22.8 FG per game, fewer than any other team in BCL this season.
  • Monaco have made 10.7 steals per game on average this season, more than any other team. However, MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg (10.4) have averaged the fewest turnovers per game in this BCL season.
  • Gerald Robinson (53.4%) is one of the two guards to have scored more than 50% of his FGs attempted this season in the BCL.
  • Dwayne Evans has made the most free-throws (79) and grabbed the most rebounds (123) among the forwards in the BCL 2017/18.
  • Monaco’s DJ Cooper has made 6.5 assists per game (104 in total), second-best average while MHP’s Thomas Walkup (81) has made more assists than any other forward this season.