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30 April, 2017
14 Kristjan Kangur (ITA)
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What's the best game-winner of the week?

(Basketball Champions League) – If there was one thing that was not on short supply in the opening week of action in the Regular Season, especially on Wednesday night, was tight games that were decided by a basket in the final second. Now that you can watch all of them and compare, which one would you pick as the best?

A.  Rickey Paulding for EWE Baskets Oldenburg to beat Venspils

Veteran Rickey Paulding made the start on Wednesday as he elevated like a teenager among the Ventspils defence after Chris Kramer's runner hit the glass and his putback with 0.5 second on the clock gave EWE Baskets Oldenburg a 77-76 win at the Latvian team in Group C.

B.  Stefan Bircevic for Partizan to down MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg

A little later on the night, Partizan were trailing MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg 64-63 and had 12 seconds for their final possession, but they made the most of it. Branislav Ratkovica faked in the corner and sent his defender flying. He stepped inside but rather than taking the long shot he found Stean Bircevic underneath the basket and the forward won the game for the Serbian team.

C. Kristjan Kangur for Openjobmetis Varese to beat ASVEL

While the first two big game-winners tipped the balance in favour of the visiting the team, the opposite happened in the last game of the opening week. Openjobmetis Varese were trailing ASVEL 82-80 and the Italian team's hero on the night, Aleksa Avramovic, drove to the basket and tried to send the game into overtime, but his lay-up was rejected. The ball however bounced in the corner to Kristjan Kangur who calmly knocked down the triple just as the final buzzer was going off to win the game for Varese.