01 September, 2016
30 April, 2017
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FIBA and domestic leagues to set up joint venture to manage Basketball Champions League, include Mediterranean region in second tier Cup

PARIS, France (Basketball Champions League) - FIBA and the European domestic leagues met in Paris on the invitation of the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) and of the National Basketball League (LNB) on Tuesday to assess the progress made by the two working groups on governance and competition matters for the upcoming Basketball Champions League.

European leagues representatives emphasised that their participation in the remodelling of club competitions was a free choice, based solely on their interest for the project of the Basketball Champions League and is not the result of any undue pressure or coercion. The aim of strengthening the domestic competitions while ensuring the development of basketball at all levels through strong European club competitions organised on sporting principles remains the driving force behind this unique venture between leagues and federations.

Following constructive discussions and based on the recommendations of the working groups, the following decisions were taken:
- A new company which will organise and govern the Basketball Champions League will be legally established in Mies, Switzerland on 2 March. The company will be equally owned by FIBA and European leagues with equal shares ownership (50 per cent by FIBA and 50 per cent by the leagues).
- The competition format of the second-tier competition, the FIBA Europe Cup, has been approved. The competition may also include clubs qualifying from the Middle East and North Africa regions. The inclusion of teams from the aforementioned geographical zones is subject to detailed regulatory, sporting and infrastructure requirements.


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