01 September, 2016
30 April, 2017
Basketball Champions League
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66 clubs from 19 countries pre-register for Basketball Champions League

MUNICH, Germany (Basketball Champions League) - The Basketball Champions League's Board of Directors held its fourth meeting on Tuesday evening in Munich and made a number of key decisions as well as sharing important information.

The Board was informed that, to date, 66 clubs from 19 countries across Europe had pre-registered to be part of the innovative 50-50 joint partnership between FIBA and 10 top European leagues. This will include a minimum of 13 national champions.

The 19 countries with pre-registered clubs so far are: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine.

The inaugural season of the Basketball Champions League - a truly pan-European competition, based on the fair sporting principle of teams qualifying through their national leagues - will tip off in September 2016.

The Board also received a report from the Nominations Committee regarding the appointment of the CEO, who will be announced shortly.


About Basketball Champions League
The Basketball Champions League is an innovative 50-50 joint partnership between FIBA and 10 top European leagues. It is a fair competition based on sporting principles with teams qualifying through national leagues. It is a truly European club competition with 30 countries.

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