05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Season Six fun facts and figures

Season Six of the Basketball Champions League has offered a lot of interesting games so far, and is set for even more fireworks in the Round of 16 phase. It has also brought a lot of fun facts and figures behind the boxscores.

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Event Timeline

  • 4 Oct 21 Regular Season Debut
  • 4 Jan 22 Play-Ins Debut
  • 15 Jan 22 FIBA Intercontinental Cup Draw
  • 25 Jan 22 Round of 16 Debut
  • 11 Feb 22 FIBA Intercontinental Cup
  • 25 Mar 22 Quarter-Finals Draw
  • 5 Apr 22 Quarter-Finals Debut
  • 6 May 22 Final Four


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Defenders - The BCL Defensive Player of the Year

If we had an official award for Defensive Player of the Year in the BCL, who would win it? That is the question we try to answer every year with the BCL Insider Column.

Whilst nobody will actually get named as the best defender in the BCL, we put together a list of five players that make up our “First Team All-Defense” as a way to honor the guys that are prepared to get down and do the dirty work on the defensive end - even if they don’t expect to get rewarded.