05 October, 2021
15 May, 2022
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Basketball Champions League and WSC Sports extend partnership through 2024

The BCL and WSC Sports, the global leader in AI-driven sports video technology, have announced the extension of their partnership to bring automated real-time video highlights to the BCL until 2024. The BCL and WSC Sports have been working together since 2016, helping to create personalized content and expand BCL’s reach. In five seasons of the competition, close to 250M video views have been generated, showcasing this successful collaboration.

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Event Timeline

  • 4 Oct 21 Regular Season Debut
  • 4 Jan 22 Play-In Debut
  • 25 Jan 22 Round of 16 Debut
  • 11 Feb 22 FIBA Intercontinental Cup
  • 5 Apr 22 Quarter-Finals Debut
  • 13 May 22 Final Four


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Season preview with the experts: the contenders, the newcomers, the players to watch

Basketball Champions League Season Six looks like it's going to be the strongest so far. We set up a roundtable with our experts to help you prepare for the excitement all the way to the finish line in May.

Lending their hands are Jeff Taylor, the voice of so many legendary highlights in the history of the BCL; Diccon Lloyd-Smeath, the coach and analyst behind the Closer Looks, the tactical breakdowns and the Champions League Insider Column; and Igor Curkovic, the writer, editor and meme expert responsible for the Help-Side Column.