09 October, 2018
05 May, 2019
35 Milton Doyle (UCAM)
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Doyle, Murcia ready for European shine in Basketball Champions League

MURCIA (Spain) - UCAM Murcia are currently sitting atop of Group A seven games in, standing at 6-1 and it is Milton Doyle who is starting to become the centrepiece of their offence, as they look to best their third place finish last season.

The 25-year old American guard is in his first year in Europe (where he’s been labelled amongst the best ‘rookies’ in Europe), after spending his rookie season in the US split between the Brooklyn Nets and their G-League affiliate, Long Island.

And so far, he says, he is enjoying the experience of playing with Murcia, particularly playing in the BCL.

"It's a great experience so far and I'm really enjoy playing with Murcia in this competition," he commented.

"We compete at a very high level and we're competing against teams and players that you don’t play against often, so it is a very good learning experience. It’s also a great human experience because you discover new cities and new countries, so I'm also really enjoying that part of the experience."

After starting the season 5-0, Murcia have looked a little more vulnerable in their last two games, suffering an upset at the hands of MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg before escaping with a one point victory over Banvit (though Doyle was unable to travel to Turkey due to sickness).

"We are going to learn about the mistakes we made during that game and move to focusing on the next games," Doyle reflected on their only loss of the season.

"I think that our campaign is going pretty well so far, and that we've been showing we're a great and competitive team. We're enjoying playing together, we have talent and we want to win as many games we can in the group stage. Our group isn’t an easy one, but we are doing well and we want to continue that moving forward."

Doyle is averaging a team-high 12 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game for Murcia, and though he could be looking for individual accolades, his focus is team success.

"I'm a team player, I want to try to bring the best of my game each week and help the guys win games," he enthused.

"I don’t have any personal goals in terms of individual trophies; I just want to win no matter what. It’s a way better feeling to win games and see the group happy than just have huge stats and lose."

With talent across the roster, Doyle believes Murcia’s strength isn’t their individual capabilities but their ability to play for each other, and has his sights for their season set high.

"We can talk about Ovie Soko, about Alex Urtasun, about Marcos Delia; about every player on the roster to be honest, because we have a very good team," he exclaimed.

"Every guy is talented and brings something on and off the court to the team. Our biggest strength is our teamwork and the unity we have. We enjoy playing with each other and we like to help each other and play together, which is very important."

"To be ambitious and achieve great results, you have to have this kind of dynamic and we really like working together. Everyone is pushing and has the same goal in mind: help Murcia have a great season and shine at European level.

"We want to have a great first round and try to finish in one of the top spots, why can't we be top of the group? We are ambitious and we're not competing in the BCL just for the experience."