Tough Calls

Tough Calls

Each week, experts are analysing the games. In order to improve the understanding of referees' decisions and to increase the transparency towards our fans, we publish some of those "tough calls", together with an explanation.

Please find below the latest "tough calls":

Tough Call 1 - Violation incorrectly called against player making throw in

12 Yellow is standing out of bounds on the end-line when he receives the ball from the official. He passes the ball into the court contacting the back of defender 6 Blue and then gathers the rebound as he steps into the court and jumps to score. The official on the end line incorrectly calls a violation against 12 Yellow.

Outcome: incorrect decision by the referees.

Tough Call 2 - Correct travelling violation and good bench management

After receiving the ball for an open path to basket, 31 White clearly makes 3 steps as he makes his attempt to shoot and a travelling violation is correctly called by the Lead official. The Trail official uses excellent game control to calm the coach of Team White.

Outcome: Correct decision by the referees.

Tough Call 3 - Offensive shooter fouled whilst landing back to the floor

During a Team Black offense, player 33 Black releases a 3 point attempt and is fouled by defender 87 White who steps into his landing space as he returns to the floor after releasing the ball. 

Outcome: Correct decision by the referees.

Tough Call 4 - Pick and Roll illegal screen by offensive team

During a Team Yellow offense, player 11 Yellow posts up on defender 9 Red. As 7 Yellow curls to the basket, 11 Yellow turns and pushes 9 Red creating an illegal contact. 

Outcome: Correct decision by the referees.

Tough Call 5 - Low post play called as offensive foul followed by player Technical foul

Defender 21 Black and opponent 4 White contest a low post play situation which results in an offensive foul called against 4 White by the Lead official. Dissent by 4 White is correctly penalised with a Technical foul by the Trail official.

Outcome: Correct decision by the referees.