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Tough Calls Gameday 7

Each week, experts are analysing the games. In order to improve the understanding of referees' decisions and to increase the transparency towards our fans, we publish some of those "tough calls", together with an explanation.

Please find below the "tough calls" of Gameday 7:

Tough Call 1 - Violation - Travelling

Player Blue 21 stops his dribble whilst closely guarded by White 4 and clearly moved his pivot foot before releasing the ball from his palm.The referees call the Illegal advantage, a violation for traveling

Outcome: Correct decision


Tough Call 2 - Act of shooting blocked shot. Disqualification of Bench Personnel

At the end of the fastbreak, the officials made a high quality no call that Blue 42 has blocked the shot of White 20. After strong protests from the White Team bench, the Referees decide to disqualify one of the bench personnel who came to the table area to argue with the officials.

Outcome: both decisions are correct


Tough Call 3 - Illegal screen and 3pt AOS not called

B10 begins his drive towards the opposing defense defended by W4. Blue 12 creates an illegal screen on W4 in order to get B10 free. B10 then attempts a 3 point attempt and is clearly fouled by W14 on the arms.

Outcome: Both decisions are wrong


Tough Call 4 - Instant Replay System

Close to the end of the 4th period, the Lead referee called a foul on White 6 during the act of shooting by Green 25. The Crew Chief Referee used Instant Replay to decide how much time was on the clock after a defensive foul was called.

Outcome: both decisions are correct


Tough Call 5 - Time control

The Coach of the White team made a complaint to the table officials that they incorrectly reset the shot clock when 5” on the shot clock and 33” on the game clock and the game continued.
From the screen, it is visible that after the shot made by Green 23 the ball touched the basket at 28''80''' on the Game clock and 1.1'' on the Shot clock.

Outcome: Correct decision