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Rosa Radom see Basketball Champions League's transparency appealing to fans

RADOM (Basketball Champions League) - As its meteoric rise through the ranks of Polish basketball suggests, Rosa Radom is an organisation that has mastered the secrets of rapid development.

The club was founded as recently as 2003 and competed in a regional league with a roster consisting of home-grown players up to 21 years of age until 2006, when they successfully applied to the Polish Federation (PZKosz) to enter the Polish national league system. Radom started climbing divisions year after year, reached 1 Liga (the second division) in 2010 and earned promotion to the Polish top flight (Tauron PLK) in 2012. In 2016, the club brought home its first ever Polish Cup trophy and reached the TBL play-off finals.

The Basketball Champions League is based on clear and entirely sports-related criteria. The success of the UEFA Champions League shows that a transparent competition system guarantees great interest. - Bartkiewicz

"Our main pillars are a strong strategic sponsor in Rosa Group and the local council, Radom Borough," said Robert Bartkiewicz, the General Manager of Rosa Radom who also served as the club's first-ever coach. "It is worth underlining the transparent scholarship system for sportsmen guaranteed by the local council which enables clubs to plan in the long term.

"Secondly, our development strategy with young talented players is vital. At present we have teams at all levels of competition from the PLK through the fourth league and youth teams from U20 through U14, we have a total of 250 players with the Polish Federation license. We take pride in having the best organised and the most developed training system in Poland.

"Thirdly, the management of our club is based on rules transferred directly from business. We support stable development based on solid foundations. We believe that further development should be pursued without haste and only after you have established your position on the lower level."

To an organisation like Rosa, which abides by such forward-thinking principles and applied business concepts about sustained growth for basketball, the Basketball Champions League is a natural evolutionary step for the sport in Europe.

I am convinced that the Basketball Champions League can attract millions of fans, contributing to the development of basketball in Europe. - Bartkiewicz

"Certainly the Basketball Championship League will be very attractive to fans, to the media and sponsors in Radom and the whole of Poland," Bartkiewicz said. "The Basketball Champions League is based on clear and entirely sports-related criteria. The success of the football (UEFA) Champions League shows that an easily-understood and transparent competition system, based solely on sports criteria, is pivotal and guarantees great interest.

"Regardless of its financial position, a club that follows such criteria can develop and achieve remarkable success. I am convinced that the Basketball Champions League, since it is organised according to similar rules, can attract millions of fans as well as the media, contributing in this way to the development of basketball in Europe."

Rosa Radom fans are drawn to the Basketball Champions League because of its transparent sporting criteria. Photo courtesy of Tomek Fijalkowski/

Radom will continue to do their part for the development of the sport as in addition to striving to further improve their management structure and their youth system, they aim to strengthen the senior team and build a new arena which they hope will be finalised in 2018. The European prospect could drive these efforts.

"We definitely see our future and chances for further development outside Poland," Bartkiewicz said. "In our opinion, only through European competition we can build a really strong brand. Creating a strong European basketball team is our long-term target. Obviously, our fans, the media and the whole local community are interested in our successes in Europe."